Book Tour Companies : The Complete List

If you’re a new blogger , or have ever been one , you know the struggle of trying to find review programs and book tour companies . Here I’ve put together a list of all the book tour companies I’ve heard of .

Rockstar Book Tours

I personally love that they offer free book tour services to authors and publishers . I recently joined their team as a host . I’ve signed up for a new tours , too , but I haven’t heard back from them yet , so I can’t tell much about working with them .

First wild card tours

First books- both fictional and non-fictional , for christian readers . They provide HTML for the blog post on tour and you only have to add the review , which is easy .

Never Land Blog Tours

I don’t really know much about them . They have a relatively simple sign up form though and it’d be easy to get in .

TLC tours

They offer a real quick sign up process . So , they basically just contact you about books you might be interested in and you’ll have to work out a date to post your reviews on.

Girls Heart Books

Yet another . Organised by former bloggers . I’ve heard they’re amazing to work with . Take your chances , though .

Bewitching Book Tours

Bewitching Book Tours is one of the best book tour companies for authors . i can’t say if they treat bloggers like money machine as many other companies do , since I haven’t heard from the bloggers working in here . So take your chances .

Sage Book Tours

It was listed as one of the best book promotion tools for authors . Again , I can’t say much since I haven’t heard from other bloggers or themselves after I signed up yesterday . Will update if I start receiving newsletters .

Tasty Book Tours

Yeah , well , I was indeed scared off by that list of things . And not being able to post a honest review while the tour runs sounds like something I’d be cynical of , right ?

Xpresso Book Tours

Giselle here has a lot of tours for you to sign up to ALWAYS ! She’s very organised and responds to all emails , so if you ever have a problem with a tour , she’ll always help you out .

Digital Reads Blog Tours

I think I find Shalini here adorable . So , the sign up is pretty easy and the term and conditions are simple . You only get to read E-books but if that’s okay with you , go sign up !

Book Tour

No idea how to sign up , but I’ve never been one to spot anything easily . Search around the site and I’m sure you’ll find a way . I’m currently poking around , trying to find it .

WNL Book Tours

Heard it was decent from an author , again . But I’m not signing up , so I won’t be able to comment on the acceptance or how they treat their bloggers .

Back Valley Book Tours 

Seems to be a legit site and you might consider this one if you’re an author . Easy enough form to fill up . I don’t know how the bloggers are treated , though .

Book Reviews

Only E-copies in review tours , from the comments . I won’t be signing up , since I already strain my eyes enough with all the e-books I pick up for myself . Join if you don’t mind e-books .

Masquerade Tours

I fell in love with the designing of this one ! Like , you know I love the regency world , right ? But I’m cynical of this one as well because it says no to honest reviews until the tour is done .

Kismet Book Tours

Easy enough to subscribe . But I’m not sure how they will filter you through Genres , so I guess you’ll receive emails about every book tour .

Lola’s Blog Tour

This one was relatively easy to sign up for and the questions sounded like it was from a human , which is cool .

Update : I got in and Lola is amazing to work with !

Pump Up Your Book

Only blogs 6 months or older are accepted . I understand why they do it , but new bloggers do deserve a shot . But I guess the sign up is easy and you can hopefully get in soon .

North Star Book Tours

I love the name ! North Star Book Tours was started by Cal from Read Books and Live Green and Emz at Icy Cold Reads. North Star Book Tours is a book blog tour “company” that will start accepting tours in the beginning of next year (the website is currently under construction). But they are open for blogger sign up .

The best part about them is , they don’t care about your follower list . Can you believe it ?

Reading Addict Book Tours

Their site sounds professional . I’ve signed up just now and will add more about the site if there’s something wrong ( which I hope will not be the case )

YA Bound Book Tours

As the name suggests , it is a YA only book tour company . They seem to care about the stats , so you probably won’t get in if your stats are bad ( which isn’t so bad . All blogs have been there once ) .

Partners in Crime

This book tour company focuses on mystery , crime and thriller . The sign up is too long for me , so I won’t be signing up . It might work out for you , so check them out .

Kate Tilton

Sign up to become one of Kate’s bloggers and you will start receiving notifications when she accepts tours .

Book Enthusiast Promotions

They’re also one of the big timers in this game for authors .  I can’t spot a sign up , so I have no idea if they’re accepting or not .

IRead Book Tours

I just signed up and the sign up was easy peasy . What’s more ? They appear to accept International and Indian hosts …and maybe for Print books , too ? Hoping to find out !

Update : They’re okay with sending out print copies internationally . International bloggers , here’s the next company you should join !


I am not signing up because I don’t get all the rules . You have to sign up to the newsletter to receive promo material .

Sizzling PR Sizzling PR

You have to sign up to their Newsletter to be on their list . I suggest that you stay off the master list option .

My Book Tour

Their sign up form is easy and they don’t seem to mind the traffic and the age of the blog . I did sign up and hope it would be a great team to work with .

YA Reads Blog Tours

They don’t seem to mind the follower list either and that’s cool because as a new blogger , you won’t really have a huge follower base . The sign up page isn’t working for me , though .

Book Unleashed

The sign up was easy . I hate it that they threw YA and NA with Christian Fiction . I don’t read Christian Fiction , but I love YA and NA , and I’m supposed to add CF to be able to receive updates on YA and NA ? Really ?

You can’t keep the book : 

I wouldn’t personally bother with any of these since I don’t want to rush through books and the hustle of sending it back the same week of getting it . 

Around the world ARC tours

Another company I’m mad at because it’s only for US residents . They require that you have a blog atleast 5 months old . I don’t understand their working otherwise ..Translation : I didn’t snoop because I am MAD .

Star Book Tours

You have one week to read before you send the book to another reader . They have a weird Point system which will help you get on their tours easily . You can read their rules on their rules page


That’s all that I could find that were still working . If I had missed any of them , please leave them in the comments . I’ll add it to the list . This will help new bloggers find them. 


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