Book Tour Companies : The Complete List

If you’re a new blogger , or have ever been one , you know the struggle of trying to find review programs and book tour companies . Here I’ve put together a list of all the book tour companies I’ve heard of .

Rockstar Book Tours

I personally love that they offer free book tour services to authors and publishers . I recently joined their team as a host . I’ve signed up for a few new tours, too, but I haven’t heard back from them yet, so I can’t tell much about working with them.

First wild card tours

First books- both fictional and non-fictional, for christian readers. They provide HTML for the blog post on tour and you only have to add the review, which should be easy to do.

Never Land Blog Tours

I don’t really know much about them . They have a relatively simple sign up form though and it’d be easy to get in .

TLC tours

They offer a real quick sign up process . So, they basically just contact you about books you might be interested in and you’ll have to work out a date to post your reviews on.

Girls Heart Books

Organised by former bloggers.

Update: No longer available.

Bewitching Book Tours

Bewitching Book Tours is one of the best book tour companies for authors available. Do check it out.

Sage Book Tours

It was listed as one of the best book promotion tools for authors . Again , I can’t say much since I haven’t heard from other bloggers or themselves after I signed up yesterday . Will update if I start receiving newsletters .

Update: Apparently, they’re no longer a book tour company. Oh, well.

Tasty Book Tours

Yeah, well , I was indeed scared off by that list of things. And not being able to post reviews that bash the book seems fishy.

Update: The site no longer exists.

Xpresso Book Tours

Giselle here has a lot of tours for you to sign up to always. Shee’s very organised and responds to all emails, so if you ever have a problem with a tour, she’ll always help you out .

Digital Reads Blog Tours

Shalini here is adorable . So, the sign up is pretty easy and the term and conditions are simple. You only get to read E-books but if that’s okay with you, go sign up !

Book Tour

No idea how to sign up but I’ve never been one to spot anything easily. Search around the site and I’m sure you’ll find a way. I’m currently poking around, trying to find it .

Update: The site isn’t available anymore.

WNL Book Tours

Heard it was decent from an author. But I’m not signing up, so I won’t be able to comment on the acceptance for bloggers.

Beck Valley Book Tours 

Seems to be a legit site and you might consider this one if you’re an author. The form is easy to fill up.

Book Reviews

Only e-books are available for review copies. Sign up if you don’t mind e-books.

Masquerade Tours

I fell in love with the designing of this one ! Like , you know I love the regency world , right ? But I’m cynical of this one as well because it says no to honest reviews until the tour is done .

Update: This site no longer exists.

Kismet Book Tours

Easy enough to subscribe. But I’m not sure how they will filter you through genres, so I guess you’ll receive emails about every book tour.

Update: The site is still available but I can’t find the subscribing form.

Lola’s Blog Tour

This one was easy to sign up from and you will always find tours to sign up for everyday.

Update: I got in and Lola is amazing to work with!

Pump Up Your Book

Only blogs 6 months or older are accepted. I understand why they do it, but new bloggers do deserve a shot . The sign up is easy and you can hopefully get in soon .

North Star Book Tours

I love the name! North Star Book Tours was started by Cal from Read Books and Live Green and Emz at Icy Cold Reads. It is a book blog tour “company” that will start accepting tours in the beginning of next year (the website is currently under construction). But they are open for blogger sign up .

Update: The site is up and running.

Reading Addict Book Tours

Their site sounds professional. I’ve signed up just now.

YA Bound Book Tours

As the name suggests , it is a YA only book tour company. They seem to care about the stats, so you probably won’t get in if your stats are bad (which isn’t so bad. All blogs have been there once) .

Partners in Crime

This book tour company focuses on mystery, crime and thriller. The sign up process is too long for me, so I won’t be signing up. It might work out for you, so check them out in any case .

Kate Tilton

Sign up to become one of Kate’s bloggers and you will start receiving notifications when she accepts tours .

Book Enthusiast Promotions

 I can’t spot a sign up form, so I have no idea how to become a host.

Update: The site is no longer available.

IRead Book Tours

I just signed up and the sign up was easy peasy. What’s more? They appear to accept International and Indian hosts …and maybe for Print books, too? Hoping to find out!

Update: They’re okay with sending out print copies internationally. International bloggers, here’s the next company you should join!


I am not signing up because I don’t get all the rules . You have to sign up to the newsletter to receive promo material .

Sizzling PR Sizzling PR

You have to sign up to their Newsletter to be on their list . I suggest that you stay off the master list option .

Update: The site no longer exists.

My Book Tour

Their sign up form is easy and they don’t seem to mind the traffic and the age of the blog . I did sign up and hope it would be a great team to work with .

Update: The site is no longer available

YA Reads Blog Tours

They don’t seem to mind the follower list either and that’s cool because as a new blogger, you won’t really have a huge follower base. The sign up page isn’t working for me, though .

Book Unleashed

The sign up was easy. I hate it that they threw YA and NA with Christian Fiction . I don’t read Christian Fiction, but I love YA and NA, and I’m supposed to add CF to be able to receive updates on YA and NA? Really ?

Update: The site is no longer available.

More Book Tour Companies

Enchanted Book Promotion

Goddess Fish Promotions

Ultimate Book Authority

Book Detour

Historical Fiction Virtual Book Tour

I’m Booked!Tours

InkSlinger PR

Irresistible Reads Tours

Juniper Groove Book Solutions

Safari Heat Book Tours and Author Services

Red Moon Book Tours

Promotional Book Tours

Prism Book Tours

Lady Reader’s Bookstuff

Henry Roi Book Tours

You can’t keep the book: 

I wouldn’t personally bother with any of these since I don’t want to rush through books and the hustle of sending it back the same week of getting it is just too much for me. 

Around the world ARC tours

Another company I’m mad at because it’s only for US residents. They require that you have a blog atleast 5 months old. I don’t understand their working otherwise (Translation : I didn’t snoop because I am MAD) .

Star Book Tours

You have one week to read before you send the book to another reader. They have a weird point system which will help you get on their tours easily. You can read their rules on their rules page

That’s all that I could find that were still working . If I had missed any of them , please leave them in the comments . I’ll add it to the list . This will help new bloggers find them. 


14 thoughts on “Book Tour Companies : The Complete List

  1. Hi. Please consider including Henry Roi PR’s 3 booktour groups – Blackthorn (dark fiction), Black Coffee (general fiction) and Blackberry (children’s and young adults’ books). We have been running since 2019 and we believe we have the best record of any tour group for actually delivering REVIEWS (not just promo posts, exerpts etc) in line with authors’ requirements (see our stats at end of this page https://henryroitours.com/blackthorn-book-tours/). We think we also do the best tour banners! (See some on our current tour pages, eg https://henryroitours.com/blackthorn-our-tours/, and we do great Twitter and Instagram posts too! We are a tiny team, but with members spread across 5 continents, and we are soooooo keen!


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