I Became Her- An One Shot

Theme: Time-Travel

Type: One Shot

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Roman Forum must be one of the most impressive ruins I have ever seen in my short life. From the Arch of Titus to the impressive temple ruins, everything seemed imperial and majestic despite their desolate state.

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Sparrow by L.J Shen-Book Review


   Book Details

Title: Sparrow

Author: L.J Shen

Genre: Romance

Pages: 302



Troy Brennan

Every Southie in Boston knows that name. The son of a dead mobster. The heartthrob with steel blue eyes. “The Fixer” who can make or break you in this city. 

Oh, and my new husband. 

Sparrow Raynes

That’s me. No one seemed to remember my name up until he barged into my life. 
But then he caged me.
Kidnapped me.
And killed every chance I had to run away from the place where we grew up.
Put simply, Troy Brennan clipped my wings.

I have dreams, big ones, but I doubt he’d ever let me chase them. I have no idea why he’d decided to take me as his wife. But I do know this: pissing off this man will not do me any good. At all.

Sparrow is a standalone, full-length novel. It contains graphic violence and adult situations some may find offensive.

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The Hoodie-Short Story

Title: The Hoodie

Theme: Finding a ghost

Type: Short Story/ One Shot



Gwen McCarthy wanted nothing more than to go back home and sleep the entire day off. Not that it was an option. Maire had given her no choice before offering to volunteer at the Donate Dublin, so Gwen rushed through the Capel Street after her friend.

Closing the wooden door softly behind her Gwen walked over to a woman wearing the DD t-shirt.

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Surrender My Love(Haardrad Family #2)-Book Review

Surrender My Love (Haardrad Viking Family, #3)Title: Surrender My Love

Author: Johanna Lindsey

Genre: Historical Romance

Pages: 416


Mature Content: Positive

Summary :

A Lady’s Scorn

Wrongly branded a spy, the dark and handsome Viking lord Selig Haardrad suffered greatly in the dungeons of Lady Erika of Gronwood. And as he hung in chains, his magnificent body wracked with pain and fever, one thought sustained him: revenge!

A Viking’s Vengence

Now Destiny’s great wheel has turned–and Selig’s exquisite, honey-haired tormentor has been delivered into the Norseman’s hands. Now it is Selig who is the master, bound and determined to break the proud spirit of his captive “ice queen” and to conquer her with passion’s sword — never dreaming that his own heart will be vanquished by sensuous desire. . .and victorious love.

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In Your Closet- OS/SS

Theme: Discovering a dead body/ Witnessing a murder

Story type: One-shot/ Short story


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Sarah tried to walk fast to catch up with Luke, who was rushing past her like there were hell hounds at his feet.

“Come on, slow down! Why are you running?”

“The movie is about to start, Sarah. You took 2 hours to get ready!”

“What’s wrong with looking good? And we have 15 minutes to get there. We don’t have to rush”, Sarah was panting now.

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Getting Bashed For Not Liking An Author

You guessed what this post is about and you are right. Somebody took time out of their precious life to come at me and tell me about how I am a stupid person and how I lack good reading skills-all because I did not like an author.

So I logged into my facebook account after a long time (the posts on the page were automated from WP) and guess what greeted me? A very well thought out hate message which makes me wonder, what are these people doing with their lives? Seriously,what?

Here’s the story, I had apparently commented on a news page that was saying something about Arundati Roy’s new book. Lo and behold, it was in the 2017!

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Now Strangers -OS 1

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Theme: End of a relationship

Story type: One Shot / Short Story


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“So you’re telling me you met this guy online and you fell in love in 30 minutes?”, I asked Kate, trying to keep my mobile balanced while I took the milk carton out.

“Yes. I know it sounds kinda weird but he sounds so genuine”, Kate’s excited voice came through.

I tried not to voice my disbelief and asked in my most civil voice, ” And how old is this stranger?”

Kate hesitated this time and I knew something was off even before she whispered, “24”.

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Short Story Challenge

I am making up this challenge. So the rule is to write ten short stories with the ideas mentioned below:

  1. The end of a relationship
  2. Finding a dead body/ witnesses a death
  3. Discovering a ghost
  4. Time Travel
  5. Attempted Murder
  6. Protagonist has super natural powers
  7. Retelling a portion of a myth
  8. A Sci-Fi
  9. A broken character
  10. Protagonist is evil

I accept my own challenge and will try to write up stories every Monday. I challenge all of you. You could all try this one to make up for the lack of blog ideas (which is partly why I’m doing this).