The Golden Dynasty : Book Review (Remembering Books-1)

You might wonder what that ‘remembering books’ is about, so I’m just starting that blog series for me to try and remember all the books I’ve read and forgot to add.

The Golden Dynasty (Fantasyland, #2)Book Details 

Title : The Golden Dynasty 

Author : Kristen Ashley 

Rating : ★★

Genre : Paranormal Romance

Theme : Multiverse

Summary : 

Circe Quinn goes to sleep at home and wakes up in a corral filled with women wearing sacrificial virgin attire – and she is one of them. She soon finds out that she’s not having a wild dream, she’s living a frightening nightmare where she’s been transported to a barren land populated by a primitive people and in short order, she’s installed very unwillingly on her white throne of horns as their Queen.

Dax Lahn is the king of Suh Tunak, The Horde of the nation of Korwahk and with one look at Circe, he knows she will be his bride and together they will start The Golden Dynasty of legend.

Circe and Lahn are separated by language, culture and the small fact she’s from a parallel universe and has no idea how she got there or how to get home. But facing challenge after challenge, Circe finds her footing as Queen of the brutal Korwahk Horde and wife to its King, then she makes friends then she finds herself falling in love with this primitive land, its people and especially their savage leader.
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Before She Ignites by Jodi Meadows -Book Review

Nice cover , though !
Title : Before She Ignites 
Author : Jodi Meadows
Genre : Young Adult Fantasy
Major Theme : Dragons
Pages : 400
Available : E-books and Physical Copies


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Naughty or Nice – Book Tag

Hello , you guys ! How is 2019 ? ( I hope yours is as bad as mine is . Yeah , I’m mean )

Firstly , even though I tagged myself to it I found it on Sofie’s post at Book a Thought . Check her out , she’s super cool ! ( Better than me , duh ! )

Okay , it seems we’ve got rules around here :

  • Tag the person who tagged you : Me
  • Tag the person who created it : Jenniely
  • Tick or Cross the ones you’ve done : I’ll use both .
  • Tag ten other people : Sure !

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Why Do E-books Cost So Much ?

This is a question that has been eating  me up for a long while , so I thought I might as well write it .

To satisfy myself , I searched up answers and it turns out that “Printing and Distributing only contribute 15% of the cost of the book . The rest is for the staff”. No doubt , it might be real but wait , 15 % ? So e-books should be 15% less than the price of the paperbacks .

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Tammy the Cat with a Big Attitude – Book Review

Tammy The Little Cat With A Big Attitude
Another adorable pic !

Author : Liane Carter

Genre : Fiction

Source : Review Copy

Summary :

I was snatched from my mum when I was only two weeks old, and what happened next was bigger than any kitten could imagine. 
“A gently witty and charming story which draws the reader in from the word ‘go’ to a truly entrancing feline perspective on human well-intentioned but frequently misguided behaviour when taking on a new pet.” Mary Ashton, retired veterinary surgeon 
“A heart-warming story that really has unique perspective on the ever-important animal-human bond (and how our pets really feel about us).” Sommer Pari, licensed veterinary technician

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Darcy The Dog Who Talked – Book Review

When have I ever been able to resist pups ? Even if it’s only a book puppy , my heart is lost .


Adorable cover , right ?

Author : Liane Carter Genre : Fiction Theme : Dogs

Summary : I’d never adopted a dog before. I had no idea what to do and this dog needed someone who did. An abused dog and a clueless human, we embarked on a journey of love, struggles and joy.  A heart-warming and humorous journey. 

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Books that I want to read

There are admittedly a million books that I have to read but I’m trying *laughs maniacally * to cut it into a short list  . 

1 . Mistress of Rome by Kate Quinn

Mistress of Rome (The Empress of Rome, #1)

You might be thinking I’m very late for this and you’re right . I’m almost 9 years late for this one . Alright , this is going to make me sound nuts but you know what got me into this book ? It’s this : 

“- what was the point of having an Emperor, if you couldn’t cook up spicy rumors about him?” 
― Kate Quinn, Mistress of Rome

That is a nice one , right ?

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Dystopia by Manoj V Jain


Title : Dystopia 

Genre : Fiction 

Source : Review Copy

Summary : 

How was your journey to Dystopia? Was it full of joy, freedom, rebellion, anger, shame or guilt?

Children start their travels in the blissful kingdom of Shambala, a beautiful land, where they are protected and taken care of. They enter Shambala as little infants, trusting their parents and caregivers. The children continue on their journey, skipping along the path till they reach a dark forbidding gate, which like some powerful vacuum sucks them inside and into the next kingdom of Dystopia. I am their guide there and I will oversee their journey in this new land.

In his latest book, Manoj Jain discusses themes of childhood pain, growing up, teenage angst, role identities and parenting.

The story, guided by the spirit of Dystopia, is set in a small dinner party, a reunion among five friends. During the course of the evening, they uncover the source of various past wounds and resolve why a young girl had to kill herself at eighteen. 

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Kingdom Of Ashes by Sarah J Maas

Kingdom of Ash (Throne of Glass, #7)
That is an awesome cover , right ?

Title : Kingdom of Ash by Sarah J. Maas
Genre : NA Fantasy

Summary : 

Locked within an iron coffin by the Queen of the Fae, Aelin must draw upon her fiery will as she endures months of torture. Aware that yielding to Maeve will doom those she loves keeps her from breaking, though her resolve begins to unravel with each passing day. 

With Aelin captured, Aedion and Lysandra remain the last line of defense to protect Terrasen from utter destruction. Yet they soon realize that the many allies they’ve gathered to battle Erawan’s hordes might not be enough to save them. Scattered across the continent and racing against time, Chaol, Manon, and Dorian are forced to forge their own paths to meet their fates. Hanging in the balance is any hope of salvation―and a better world.

As the threads of fate weave together at last, all must fight, if they are to have a chance at a future. Some bonds will grow even deeper, while others will be severed forever in the explosive final chapter of the Throne of Glass series.

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