Are you an author , publisher , agent , or someone who sells book-ish thing looking for promotions ? I’d love to work with you !  For all inquiries , send an email to booksandreaders55(at)gmail(dot)com .

If it’s a review you’re looking for , read this :

I am open to traditional , Indie and small press works . All my reviews will be published on the blog , goodreads and on the amazon.in . I can’t post to amazon.com .

Any reviews that would write after reading your book would be my honest opinion of the book and will not be all praise . If you have no problem with that , read on .

Genres I am open to :

  1. ​Young Adult
  2.  New Adult
  3.  Dystopian and science fictions
  4.  Romances
  5.  Horror
  6.  Suspense-Mystery-Thriller
  7. Chick lit
  8. Non fiction

I might consider other genres . But these are the ones I’m closed to :

  1.  Erotica
  2. Christian fiction
  3. Books with racist / religious undertone
  4. Picture Books ( not the same as illustrated books )
  5. Memoirs and auto-biographies .

And in general , send good books .

​ Formats :

  1.      E-pub and PDF ( Currently not accepted )
  2.      Print Copies


Other Promotions : 

For other promotions like guest posting , interviews , etc , just let me know in the email what kind of promotion you require . Anything bookish is way to go .

Please understand that as much as I would love to answer each of you , I just don’t find the time to sit through and reply back to everyone . If you do not receive a reply soon , you are to assume that I wouldn’t be able to review your book.