Not accepting review requests at the moment. Sorry! 

For reviews and other promotions, email me at booksandreaders55(at)gmail(dot)com. Please read this carefully before contacting me about possible promotions.

Review Policy

I am open to traditional, Indie and small press works. All my reviews will be published on B&R, Amazon India and Goodreads.  I can not post to amazon.com.

Any reviews that I write after reading your book would be my honest opinion of the book and will not be all praise. If you have no problem with that, read on.

Books that are sent unsolicited will be deleted.

Genres I am open to:

  1. ​Young Adult
  2.  New Adult
  3.  Dystopian and science fictions
  4.  Romances
  5.  Horror
  6.  Suspense-Mystery-Thriller
  7. Chick lit
  8. Non-fiction

I might consider other genres. But these are the ones I’m closed to :

  1.  Erotica
  2. Christian fiction
  3. Books with racist/religious undertone
  4. Picture Books
  5. Memoirs and autobiographies .

Formats I accept: Hardcopies, Epubs, PDFs

I prefer hard copies.

Guest Posting

I’m open to guest posts from book bloggers, authors and anyone who works in the book industry

  1. The guest post should be relevant to B & R
  2. The post should be exclusive to B & R (For SEO purposes)

I reserve the right to accept or reject the idea at my own discretion. Do not send me pre-made posts. They will be deleted.


I’m open to reviewing you given that you are an author I have read. Do not ask me to interview you while offering me a review copy. I need to get through the book first.


If you make bookish things and want to get represented, I’m open to it as well. I would be reviewing your product in the blog and post pictures up on Instagram and cross-link to other social media as well. I would love to be your rep 🙂


If you’d like to sponsor a giveaway on the site, I’m open to it as well. Giveaways are wonderful but I require that the giveaways be bookish.

All Promotional Policies are subject to change without notice.