For reviews and other promotions,email me at booksandreaders55(at)gmail(dot)com. Please read this carefully before contacting me about possible promotion.

Review Policy

I am open to traditional,Indie and small press works . All my reviews will be published on B&R, Amazon India and Goodreads.  I can not post to amazon.com.

Any reviews that I write after reading your book would be my honest opinion of the book and will not be all praise . If you have no problem with that,read on.

Books that are sent unsolicited will be deleted.

Genres I am open to:

  1. ​Young Adult
  2.  New Adult
  3.  Dystopian and science fictions
  4.  Romances
  5.  Horror
  6.  Suspense-Mystery-Thriller
  7. Chick lit
  8. Non fiction

I might consider other genres . But these are the ones I’m closed to :

  1.  Erotica
  2. Christian fiction
  3. Books with racist / religious undertone
  4. Picture Books
  5. Memoirs and auto-biographies .

Formats I accept: Hardcopies, Epubs, PDFs

I prefer hardcopies.

Guest Posting

I’m open to guest posts from book bloggers , authors and anyone who works in the book industry

  1. The guest post should be relevant to B & R
  2. The post should be exclusive to B & R (For SEO purposes)

I reserve the right to accept or reject the idea at my own discretion. Do not send me pre-made posts. They will be deleted.


I’m open to reviewing you given that you are an author I have read. Do not ask me to interview you while offering me a review copy. I need to get through the book first.


If you make bookish things and want to get represented, I’m open to it as well . I would be reviewing your product in the blog and post pictures up in Instagram and cross link to other social media as well . I would love to be your rep 🙂


If you’d like to sponsor a giveaway in the site,I’m open to it as well . Giveaways are wonderful but I require that the giveaways be bookish.

All Promotional Policies are subject to change without notice.