I can’t believe you made it to this little corner of the internet but I’m so happy to have you here ! Welcome and get a little comfortable because we’re going on a web-travel of sharing books !

The Girl Behind B & R 

Harini : I’m a teen who’s trying to catch up with my life as a full time student, an avid reader and a silent reader of all those book tweets you’ve been sending out .

What can you find on B & R ? 

I started this blog so I could try and nag people into reading my favourite books . But since then , this blog has become my place to connect with other readers and find a lot more books for my own shelf and now , it’s a place for arguments and literary discussions , too .

What else ? 

You should be up for some real hard ranting . And though I’m not into any particular genre , I certainly lean more towards books with strong protagonists, more action and diversity .

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★★★★★- It was amazing ! I’m in love !

★★★★- Liked it so much ! 

★★★- Liked it but not so much . 

★★- It was awful but that’s probably just me . 

★- Wall banger . You’re better off without reading this one . 


Disclaimer : Not all books reviewed are purchased . Some of them are review copies and others are gifts and such .