Hello, your name. I’m quite shocked and elated that you found this tiny corner of the internet. Welcome. 

Books and Readers was born out of an impulse to make impulsive book posts. Since then, it has become a place for storing book reviews, attempting to write readable short stories, etc. 

I do write negative reviews, perhaps I write more negative reviews than I do positive ones. I don’t necessarily consider it negative as much as I think of it as criticism. More often than not, I criticise books that I do enjoy more than the ones I dislike. 

I don’t review or even rate all the books that I read. I try to, but I never seem to be able to. As it is, I only manage to review books that I remember too well. I also find it acceptable to discontinue a books and leave a set of reasons why the book wasn’t engaging. 

All that said, I hope you find the content engaging. I would be delighted to see you around. 

Yours truly,  




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★★★★★- Almost flawless. It stole my cynical heart. 

★★★★- It was enjoyable

★★★-  I liked it but only in a vague sense.

★★- Not enjoyable

★- It is absolutely unreadable. 

Note: This is not followed in the strictest sense. Do not buy books based on ratings.


Disclaimer: Not all books are purchased. There are the occasional gifted books and the review copies.