How to Start a Book Blog : All You Need to Know

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Have you ever read a book and felt like you just had to discuss the book ? To vent out all the grievances that the book put you through ? Congrats ! You’re on the first step to becoming a book blogger . 

I remember googling ‘ how to start a book blog ‘ and feeling lost when the results showed me only how to create a blog . So , here’s my try at getting all the information you might need together .

Setting Up The Blog

1. The Blog Name

This is the most important part of creating your blog . The name you settle for represents your blog and once you get established as a book blogger , it can be very hard to change it . So I just you to think up a few names and then choosing one from them . And it is also wise to google the name , to make sure you’re not going to use a very common name .

2.The Blog Platform

That’s a little hard to choose , I know . Here are a few good options for you , if you don’t know them already :








To be honest , I think there are pros and cons to every platform . For example , wordpress is the most easy one to learn but weebly is more beautiful than wordpress . It doesn’t really matter much which one you go with , as long as you feel comfortable with the layout and customizations .

Free Vs Paid : Decide whether you want to get a paid website or a free one , this will narrow down the web platforms you might want to use .  

3. Create that Blog

Go ahead and click the ‘create blog’ button on your chosen platform . After the initial steps and choosing URL , you will have to design your blog the way you want it . I recommend just playing around with the icons and ‘getting to know your blog’ .

Once you’re sure your blog looks decent , click the publish blog button and you’re a blogger !

Don’t : Become obsessed with making it look too pretty . Publish your blog once it is decent looking , you could change the designs later .

After Setting Up

1.Pages For Your Blog

While you could whatever pages you want to your blog , these are the pages you should really think about adding to your list

  1. About Page
  2. Contact Page
  3. Review Policy
  4. Review Index

In the review policies , add details such as

  • What are the genres that you prefer / would be accepting ?
  • Will you post negative reviews ?
  • Will you post to other social media and online sellers ?

Here is a sample review polic  for you to check .

2. Blog Content

Now you have a pretty blog that will make people linger on your blog for a while , but without quality content , your blog will not get anywhere .

Your first post could be a tidy introduction post about why you joined the blogging world. After that , you could post pretty much anything you want . Here’s a few blog ideas :

  • Tags
  • Discussions
  • Your To- be – Read
  • Book Reviews
  • Your Favourite Books and Why

I started the tag Why The Book People Hate Me . Please consider yourself tagged ! I’d love to read your posts !

Note : You can skip the others posts if you’re aiming primarily to review books , although that is quite rare around the book blogs these days . That would make your blog your review journal , which is also equally amazing .

Schedule : How many days per week are you going to be posting ? Or are you going for once a month ? Think about if your blog will be taking too much time out of your personal life and plan accordingly , to avoid the blogger burnout .

3. Your Side Bar

Your side bar should be a quick look around your blog . Make it look tidy and clean and add the important details at the top of your sidebar . You might want to add :

  • An Author Bio ( keep it short )
  • A Search Bar
  • List of Popular Posts on Your Blog
  • Follow Blog Button

Avoid Adding : 

  • Your Recent Tweets
  • Full Reviews from Goodreads
  • A Calendar
  • Tag and Category Cloud
  • Monthly Archives

4. The Post Images

You might want to make your posts more prettier and readable with pictures inserted here and there . They are completely worth it because they will keep your reader reading to the end of the post and maybe interact . But make sure that you

  • Don’t use copyrighted pictures without permission
  • Don’t clutter your post with so many images that it takes forever to load

Use blog titles and banners that suit the theme of your blog . Example : If your blog is colorful , maintain that cheer and colors in your images .

Online Editors :

These are a few free editors where you can make your banners , blog headers , etc .

5. Develop Your Socializing skills

In all honesty , your blogging is getting nowhere if you don’t socialize and I don’t mean the social media alone . The first step is to follow other blogs and comment and do some real interactions . Don’t do it for the sake of followers . Do it because you came here to socialize , to find humans that actually understand the crazy book addiction and you’ll get along just fine .

Read other blogs : Check out what the other bloggers are doing and trust me , you will learn a lot about blogging doing this .

Join Social Media : Almost all book bloggers are also highly active on the social medias because that is where the most interesting interactions occur . If you choose not to join them , it is fine .

I recommend Twitter as the most interative space for book bloggers, so you might want to check that out . You might also want to check out Instagram but I don’t think it is going to be useful for your blog stats .

6. Learn SEO Details

SEO skills is essential if you want to drive more traffic to your blog with google’s help . Here are a few things you need to know

  • Learn to Resize Your Images
  • Keep Updating Old Content
  • Cross Link to Your Other Posts
  • Add Alternative Text To Your Images

Add keywords that people would search on the google .

7. Write a Few Evergreen Posts

Ask any book blogger and they will tell you they have atleast one post of theirs that is getting very high attention from the google . You need to keep thinking up good ideas until you have atleast a few evergreens .

They might be a :

  • How to Post
  • Blogging Tip
  • Some Other Discussion Post

There might be other types of posts that might get a lot of fews , but it is worthy to note that reviews don’t generate a lot of views .

8. Join Book Blogger Lists :

Joining blogger lists might boost up your stats to a certain level , so it worth checking them out . But beware , a lot of authors use these lists to find book bloggers , so you’ll end uo getiing a lot of review requests .

For getting started out , you can join the Blogger List that I’m building over at B & R .

9 . Join Book Tours

This is for when you are not really getting ideas for new posts . You just join a few tours , wait for the host to send you the material and post them .

Note : For some tours , you might be required create your own content .

Here is a list of Book Tour Companies that you could join .

10 . Obtaining ARCS and Review Copies :

Once you have established yourself as a book blogger , you can go ahead and request review copies . Along the way , you must have had authors offering their books to you , so you probably already have an idea about what is expected of you .

You can read my detailed post about  getting review copies

11 . Spam Comments

Always keep trak of the spam comments and be careful what you aprrove of . I’ve seen a lot of bloggers who aprrove comments without checking and it just looks awakward , to put it bluntly . Imagine reading a wonderful blog post and then looking down to see an unintelligeable comment which makes you wonder why it got approved .

And there is always the possibility that a non-spam comment got checked out by wordpress spam filter and you didn’t notice .

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Useful Extras :

Blogger List

How to Get ARC and Review copies

Book Tour Companies

Book Blogger Programs

Critical Review Sample

Positive Review Sample

Netgalley : Should You Join it ?

That’s it for now , since the post is getting too long . I will be adding more to this topic in other posts . Was it useful ? Let me know in the comments below !


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21 thoughts on “How to Start a Book Blog : All You Need to Know

  1. I love the way you introduce yourself. Girl you know how to play with words.😉 Your intro was eye catching. Love to know more about your book blog. Keep sharing, keep reading and adding value to people’s life. All d best in your blogging journey🙏📙⭕didact

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    1. Thank you so much . It’s rather kind of you to say that . I always though I’m bad at making articles ( I’m a nervous freak ) . I so want to check your blog but my Internet connection is weak at the moment and your link isn’t going through . I’m sure you’re awesome , too , and I hope to get to it as soon the trouble clears 🙂


      1. Lol , hifi! I’ve hit 12 and got them coming at me , too . Unfortunately, two tornados at a time , with NEET in may. And you should get on studying for your exams. You’ve hardly 20 days or something .

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