Authors and Publishers : 

If you’re an author or publisher and would like to request a review , please contact me through , or alternatively , you can contact me through the contact form on the Contact page . Be sure to read the guidelines before making a request .

Guidelines :

*  Indie authors and small press are accepted , too .

* Author interviews and guest posts are occasionally considered .

* I only provide honest reviews . If you don’t want an honest review , don’t request one .

* The review might get posted on Goodreads .

* I currently do not post reviews on amazon .


Preferred genres :

Historical fiction , Historical romances , Contemporary fiction and romances , Young adult , Thrillers , Horrors , Mysteries , Paranormal , Urban fantasy and some non-fictions .

This does not mean other genres won’t be considered , given you’ll provide a synopsis .

    Formats :

Physical copies (Hardcovers and paperbacks ) are appreciated since they’re easier to organize .

E-copies are accepted , but get declined more often than physical copies since these are more likely to pile up than the physical ones .

(E-copy __ PDF and EPUB are welcome )

The passed on offers : 

I think you’ve read on the home page about a special group of readers . Sometimes , I will pass on the books I can’t accept to these readers . But this does not guarantee you a review since the readers will be the ones deciding if they really want to review your book .

In these cases , I’ll inform you that I’ve passed the review on . But I will not reveal any personal details of the reader (including email id ) to you .

Review Request :

Please use “Review Request ” as the subject of the email . If you don’t , I might end up deleting the email along with a pile of others .

Include the format of the book you’re willing to provide and also include the timelines in which you want the review posted  .

 * Your Review copies and ARCs will never be sold under any condition *

Interviews :

Interview requests are accepted , too . Be sure to include the genre of your book(s) and the type of author you are (Indie or traditional ) .

If you want an interview , guest post and a review request to make , go ahead and please make them all in one single email .


   Regards ,