Getting Bashed For Not Liking An Author

You guessed what this post is about and you are right. Somebody took time out of their precious life to come at me and tell me about how I am a stupid person and how I lack good reading skills-all because I did not like an author.

So I logged into my facebook account after a long time (the posts on the page were automated from WP) and guess what greeted me? A very well thought out hate message which makes me wonder, what are these people doing with their lives? Seriously,what?

Here’s the story, I had apparently commented on a news page that was saying something about Arundati Roy’s new book. Lo and behold, it was in the 2017!

According to the person, my comment was hateful because I said “I have only read a sample of her work but her writing was not for me. It just seems too forced. I don’t think this will go to my tbr”.

As I had said in the comment, I hadn’t even read her book back then. But since then, I have actually read her most acclaimed work, God of Small Things . I did not like the book,as I suspected.

The person told me that since she had won a Booker prize, she must be a great author and that her books are timeless classics that I was blind to overlook.

I agree. Tbh, if she won a booker prize, people must think she is a good writer. But I do not think the drivel I read qualifies as a classic. Does what I think matter? No. I am not a qualified critic. What I like or don’t like, what I think deserves to be a classic, etc are my own opinions.

I have bashed in this very own blog The Catcher In The Rye by J.D Salinger. Has the book stopped being a classic? No. So why do you think anything I have to say about any book is of any importance?

The person then went on to tell me that I was probably one of those people that read Chetan Bhagat’s books and called myself a bookworm. 

That statement brings to question, aren’t people that read Chetan Bhagat’s books bookworms, too? Aren’t people that read Twillight bookworms,too? Aren’t people that read textbooks bookworms,too?

Bookworm by definition is someone who likes to read. Just read. The definition does not specify what one has to read to be called a bookworm.

Also, I don’t like CB.

And frost on the cake, the person told me that I was a nobody and that my opinion doesn’t matter anyway. “You probably don’t understand her writing because you can’t comprehend complicated sentences. You’re just too stupid. So don’t speak of someone’s writing unless you can write better than them”

The first part, I agree with. I am a nobody,and my opinions? Bah, they’re mine and concerns me alone. Just like yours is not going to affect my reading. At this point I was just wondering why the person thought I was worth a message.

The last part? Well, no. I have read more complicated literature in Tamil and I understood them,and you think Roy’s writing is complex? And since when was a reader to write better than someone to be able to criticise them? Like, I don’t understand. Have I been living under a cave?

That brings me to speak of another thing. I can indeed understand complicated books, if they are well written. Does that mean I would have to like them? No.

For me, reading is and will always be an escape. I like complex story lines if and when they are interesting. My taste in books runs from Patrick Ness to Eloisa James. I like Silence and Storm, a book with zero prose and all fun. Because they are interesting and catch me.

I can’t and will not claim that everything I enjoy is good literature. So, I think I am not obliged to pick books based on what they represent, how complex they are, etc.

Anything I enjoy, I enjoy for the entertain I get out them.

I deleted the comment (you could go into privacy and settings and access all your comments) and the message. I also deleted a few more comments, staying up until 3 am thinking about the message.

I feel good after the rant. Thanks for listening to it.

Your Favourite Blogger,




2 thoughts on “Getting Bashed For Not Liking An Author

  1. This has happened to me many times. Both by Indian readers, authors, international best seller author her fans etc. It hurts and it hurts badly.
    But you have to just believe in yourself and get on with it. Delete the comment if you can.
    I had a reader tell me my brain is small and I don’t know what children from developed country go through… I was laughing away because that idiot didn’t bother to think to whom I am talking to. And yes he was from USA…
    Sometimes, what people say about you is actually what they are in real life. If he says you are stupid that is because when he looks in the mirror he only sees a stupid and hence he does not know anybody better…

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