Bookish Initiatives

I just wanted to take a step back and appreciate people who are making someone’s day by giving out so much book love .

Buy A Stranger A Book

Big Green Books  are running the very nice #BuyAStrangerABook every Wednesday on the twitter .

How It Works : 

  1. They make a post asking if anyone wants to buy someone a book for a stranger
  2. They ask if anyone wants a book
  3. They send out books to the person who asked for it .

Simple , right ? You could buy books for someone or get books from a stranger . They recently also did a #BuyShelterABook , where you paid to buy books for a shelter .

To Read More : Big Green Books

Next is Best

While this initiative is not as organised , it is also stemmed from the efforts of a book lover trying to help others find books they can’t afford . Mr Vikas , who came with this , is buying books for anyone asking him . He goes ahead to share in his feed that he once found it hard to get books , back in those days and is now looking forward to helping others find books .

How it Works : 

  1. Go to Next is Best , where you could find his email at the right corner of the website
  2. Email him to check if he could get the book for you ( if the book is affordable )
  3. Send him your address . Get the book .

To Read More : Next is Best- Free Books

Open E-Books

Open E-books is a library containing popular books and is accessible to children from in-need communities . This is an initiative to encourage reading in kids . They have associated with several nice publishers like bloomsbury , Hachette , Penguin Random House , etc to bring quality books to children .

How it Works : 

  1. If you’re an educator , librarian or program administrator and atleast 70% of the children in your program are from low-income families , you are eligible to access Open Ebooks
  2. You have to sign up with their First Book and request your free codes
  3. Download and Access

To Read More : Open E-books – Get Started

Pages For Children

This is a non-profit organisation sending out books , gifts , etc to children who are hospitalised . They take it upon themselves to do all the work and all you have to do is donate for this wonderful cause .

To Read More : Pages For Children

I know there are several other wonderful initiatives and I think they all deserve to be appreciated for what they do .

Do you know of other wonderful initiatives ?

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