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Why Do E-books Cost So Much ?

This is a question that has been eating  me up for a long while , so I thought I might as well write it .

To satisfy myself , I searched up answers and it turns out that “Printing and Distributing only contribute 15% of the cost of the book . The rest is for the staff”. No doubt , it might be real but wait , 15 % ? So e-books should be 15% less than the price of the paperbacks .

Is that happening?

Before anyone starts accusing me of being obtuse,  let’s all take a look at the actual costs. What you are looking at is the price of The Star-Touched Queen on Amazon India .

Paperback : 245 INR = 3.49$=3.06 euro

E-book : 232.75 INR =3.31$= 2.91 euro

And for anybody that is going to 3.49 $ is a steal , let me tell you : The print quality of books in India is nowhere near the ones in the US .

So , is it my bad mathematics skill or is 15 % of 245 actually 36.75 ? And isn’t the rate supposed to 208.25 INR ? What am I paying that extra money for ?

The GST and the VATs

Okay , the cost of e-books is excusable in UK , where they used to have e-books have 20 % VATS (the EU lowered it , apparently ) . But here in India , GST for e-books has come down from 18% to 5 % already . Which means , shouldn’t the price be lower, too?

The Cost Of Making E-books

Once I started reading into this , I saw a lot of people quip up to add that sometimes the cost of making and marketing an e-book is higher than normal hard copy books. This is odd , considering that a lot of authors prefer to make e-books because the low cost of creation . Ofcourse , I might be missing something here , but if something costs you more to make , why are you even making it ?

I also happened upon an argument that said that since the publisher isn’t selling directly, they can’t make profits without increasing the price . This is a valid point, but I may add that I expect to pay what the product is worth . Is the worth of a paperback and an Ebook the same ? No .

Don’t give me the ” the story is the same . Ofcourse , they’re equals ” . Look , no matter what you’re telling yourself , E-books are not great for your eyes. And I might be biased , but hard copies just feel so nice .

Can anybody explain the costs to me ?

Sincerely , 

Someone who is baffled at the costs she is paying to fill her playbooks . 

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