Darcy The Dog Who Talked – Book Review

When have I ever been able to resist pups ? Even if it’s only a book puppy , my heart is lost .


Adorable cover , right ?

Author : Liane Carter Genre : Fiction Theme : Dogs

Summary : I’d never adopted a dog before. I had no idea what to do and this dog needed someone who did. An abused dog and a clueless human, we embarked on a journey of love, struggles and joy.  A heart-warming and humorous journey. 

My Thoughts

It was an wonderful book just because it had a dog ! Yes , I love being biased !

But quite truthfully , it was a delightful book that was more like a relatable shared joke between two dog lovers . The story starts with Liane going to pick a dog from the shelter and coming with Darcy , a dog that is just too much to handle .

It proceeds further with the situations Darcy creates for Liane and her husband , Lee .

The Good

It was light and fun with a lot of relatable moments . Personally speaking , I felt more emotional reading this which might have affected perception of the book . The book kept reminding me of my own pup , who died 4 years ago . He was such a nice dog and I missed him , reading this .

Better yet ? Darcy could talk…more humanely than you’d think . And I loved the fact that Liane and Lee took good care of the dog . I love dog lovers !

The Bad

Ah , I can’t ever read books without finding flaws and here’s my list of flaws in this book :

  1. I felt admittedly weird reading about the author herself
  2. Darcy speaking way too much was kinda weird

It might not matter to many other readers but to me , it was a minor inconvenience .

Over all

It made for a nice short read everyday after school , when I came home stressed about exams , so I’d say it’s a good book for anyone looking for sweet books .

Do I Recommend It ?

Yeah ! To those who love dogs and to those who would like to understand why dog-people are crazy! Darcy will melt your heart. 

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 Blog Tour Host : Laura from IbookTours . Thanks for hosting , Laura ! And thanks , Liane!  

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Rating : ★★★★

Recommended : Yes

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