Kingdom Of Ashes by Sarah J Maas

Kingdom of Ash (Throne of Glass, #7)
That is an awesome cover , right ?

Title : Kingdom of Ash by Sarah J. Maas
Genre : NA Fantasy

Summary : 

Locked within an iron coffin by the Queen of the Fae, Aelin must draw upon her fiery will as she endures months of torture. Aware that yielding to Maeve will doom those she loves keeps her from breaking, though her resolve begins to unravel with each passing day. 

With Aelin captured, Aedion and Lysandra remain the last line of defense to protect Terrasen from utter destruction. Yet they soon realize that the many allies they’ve gathered to battle Erawan’s hordes might not be enough to save them. Scattered across the continent and racing against time, Chaol, Manon, and Dorian are forced to forge their own paths to meet their fates. Hanging in the balance is any hope of salvation―and a better world.

As the threads of fate weave together at last, all must fight, if they are to have a chance at a future. Some bonds will grow even deeper, while others will be severed forever in the explosive final chapter of the Throne of Glass series.

My Thoughts 

I loved it . It was one of my highly anticipated books this year and I had too much expectations . But now I’m going to take my liberty at criticising this book .

1 . The book was way too long . Like 992 pages ?? What is that ? The history of the universe ??

2. Nothing happened for 25 % of the book. I get it , the war is so intense and bloody and harsh . But move on . I guess the first part was supposed to be ‘dark’ , but I got bored of the repeated expressions .

3. The overall story . The best part of Maas’ books are usually the twists and turns that make it so amazing to read . This book is severely lacking in that ( it was some twists but they aren’t so surprising )

4. Aelin was outright stupid in this book . Like , she’s adventurous and would do things without telling others , but give me a break from all the really crazy stuff .

5. The book did not invoke strong emotions . The only emotion I had while reading it was excitement , probably due to the hype for the book .

I read the book the day after it came out and totally forgot to add it to the list . Anybody else a little disappointed at the book like me ? 


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