Dystopia by Manoj V Jain


Title : Dystopia 

Genre : Fiction 

Source : Review Copy

Summary : 

How was your journey to Dystopia? Was it full of joy, freedom, rebellion, anger, shame or guilt?

Children start their travels in the blissful kingdom of Shambala, a beautiful land, where they are protected and taken care of. They enter Shambala as little infants, trusting their parents and caregivers. The children continue on their journey, skipping along the path till they reach a dark forbidding gate, which like some powerful vacuum sucks them inside and into the next kingdom of Dystopia. I am their guide there and I will oversee their journey in this new land.

In his latest book, Manoj Jain discusses themes of childhood pain, growing up, teenage angst, role identities and parenting.

The story, guided by the spirit of Dystopia, is set in a small dinner party, a reunion among five friends. During the course of the evening, they uncover the source of various past wounds and resolve why a young girl had to kill herself at eighteen. 

My Thoughts 

This was a peculiar read for me , to say the least . The book begins with a reunion of friends . And just as the book begins , we witness the rough relationship between the host of the reunion and her daughter . Which suits the theme , the relationship between parents and kids is the main point of the book . 

There are two worlds in this book : Shambala and Dystopia . To be honest , I still don’t think I’ve gotten the two right but the base is , Shambala is your ideal teen world where you’re taken care of while Dystopia is the place where ..let’s say  it’s just not as good . Part of the story is also narrated by the ‘spirit ‘ of Dystopia , which was irking as it disturbed the flow of the story . 

In the prologue of the book , we’re introduced to a girl who commits suicide and the whole story revolves around why that happened and stuff . Between the pages , as we try to piece together the information , there are a lot of fillers . The conversations , the pages of dystopian spirit talking mudanely..they did not read nice to me . 

The narrative keeps switching without warning and I just ended up going back and forth between pages to make sure I was following it . You know what ? That is not nice !  There wasn’t much to read in the book , too . It was only 146 pages and I felt like that dragged on . 

The book talks about sexual harassment , suicide , the relationship between teens and their parents , but the book is not the least intense , not for me atleast . I expected a lot out of a book with a dark theme . 

What I Liked 

  • The basic idea of the book 
  • The issues that the book addresses 

What I Did Not Like 

  • The unclear storyteeling
  • The unwanted dialogues that felt like a filler 

Rating : ★★★

For the theme of the book . Dear teens , suicide is not a solution to anything . Chin up and live it all . 

Do I recommend it ?  Yes

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