How To Promote Reading- A Discussion

As avid readers ourselves , we recognise how important the habit of reading is . Admittedly , being addicted to reading might be bad , but cultivating the habit of reading every now and then is rather important .

Reading is not a hobby everyone looks forward to . In fact , reading isn’t encouraged unless it is academic books that you are reading . I remember one of my teachers asking us what we were going to do for the summer and I told her , rather eagerly , that I was going to read . And she asked me why I was behaving like an old lady . Yep , reading is old . 

So , how do we change this ?

I personally stick to the belief that reading is personal . I picked up one book for myself four years back and since then , reading has become as important to me as breathing is. Therefore , the first step in promoting reading would be making people read for the first time and make it enjoyable for them . The problem is , how ?

Normally , I  retorted to ,

1.Gifting books all the time : 

Has this worked ? No . I know the books I’ve gifted are sitting on the shelves somewhere, waiting to be picked up  finally.  There are few people who get excited at the prospect of getting books for gifts .

2. Prodding people to read : 

It sounded like a good plan initially , now it seems to be a waste of time . I keep talking to people about books  in hopes that they would get hooked up . I tell them , ” You should definitely read this ” and they would reply politely , ” Sure . I would get to reading it soon” . The ‘soon’ turns to never .

3. Having books all over the place : 

I used to think that if people saw more books , they’d be  tempted to pick one . So , I piled up books everywhere . Did it work ? Nope .

Ideas that I think will work : 

  1. Reading to kids
  2. Trying to make reading seem like a normal daily activity

And I can’t find anymore that one could do to try  . Does anybody have tricks that work ?

One thought on “How To Promote Reading- A Discussion

  1. My daughter grew up surrounded by book shelves. We read to her and gave her small, hard books when she was only crawling.
    Today, she has two Overflowing book shelves of her own at 5 years old. 😊

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