Let You Be My Puppet Once – Book Review

Let You Be My Puppet OnceLet You Be My Puppet Once by Preetika Mehra

My Rating : ★★★

Genre : Political Thriller

Summary : 

Losing their faith in the System, a group of MNC-employed youngsters decide to take revenge on some politicians and businessmen after having suffered at their hands. Their master plan also exposes the connections of the powerful with the rich, of the mafia with politicians and of those who exploited the poor. All this leads to a war. A war that had never happened.

The Chief of Intelligence had never dealt with such brilliant people who were entangling him in multiple versions of events. After a while, he is unable to differentiate between the real and planted evidence. The clock is ticking. The media is on adrenaline.

The Chief is faced with several questions. How did it all happen? Will he be able to solve the case? Can he get the accused politicians acquitted? Should he find an escape for himself amidst the turmoil?

It’s time he found the answers!

What I Think 

I think this book is actually nice because of the story it presents , different from other Indian books . It was even bold of the author to write a political thriller , which isn’t famous around here . But I think I was done there .

The story revolves around 4 friends who are out to avenge a wrong done to them by politically influential people . They make and execute a very complex plan . They played a little too well with the government’s agents and expose them . What ruffled me a bit was the complicated situations playing out rather well . The way they manipulated the government agencies was a little too filmy .

It was also very hard for me to get into the story . The first few pages were extremely boring and it was just like somebody telling me that they were this and they were that . After sometime the story did pick up but I was still not connected with any character . It was like somebody was delivering me facts and I’ve never been a fan of that narrative style .

There were some unnecessary events in the story ( which I felt didn’t relate to the story ) . I enjoyed some parts of the book but mostly , it was plot that made me stick to the book . It was a book that spoke volumes and I liked their master plan and all , even though it felt a tad bit too unreal .

It was a good debut book and I wish the author all the best for her future in literature . I hope she writes more political thrillers because the details in this book were complicated and she pulled it off rather well .

Have you read it yet ? 


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