Chrissy à la Carte- Book Review

Chrissy à la CarteChrissy à la Carte by Genevieve Lerner

Rating: ★★

Genre : Romantic Comedy

Source : Review copy

Summary : 

Chrissy’s life has completely fallen apart…

…and if she doesn’t figure it out soon, she’ll definitely be homeless, broke, and a giant failure for the rest of her life. Probably.

A year after college graduation, Chrissy ends up where she hoped she would never find herself: back on her parents’ doorstep. She magically lands a job at the Netflix show “Let’s Cook! with Derrick Longjohns,” and prays it will be a one-way ticket to her dream culinary school.

But her job turns out to be nothing like she imagined, especially when she runs into a very attractive, very bicep-y stranger. Unfortunately, she is Clumsy McAwkwardson, and has a bad habit of spilling Fanta all over herself. Super attractive.

Now, she just has to pretend to be a good employee. And stay on Mom’s good side. And impress her perfect sister, Paige. And help plan Grandma’s (seventh) wedding. And somehow, some way, convince everyone that she has it all under control.

No biggie


My Thoughts 

It’s been so long since I picked up a Rom-Com and when Genevieve wrote to me , I was so excited about reading it . And I guess that was the start of my downfall with this book .

I think as a comedy , it was actually nice . But the protagonist was not interesting . Let me get this straight : A protagonist in a Rom-Com is not equivalent to stupid and whiny . But Chrissy is both things . I hated it . I hated her .

Chrissy is crazy . She does crazy things like run away with a guy before he even proposes and other stuff I’m not supposed spoil. But somehow , she magically lands a job and wait a sec , I forget what her job was . Oh , She didn’t even do any work , did she ? But yes , the production house does pay her for doing her job.

Her little romance thing with Mr.Stranger (view spoiler) was so cringe worthy . I mean , who makes out with a guy they don’t even know ? I sort of felt like she deserved all the things that happened to her . And when the real romance did come along , I was like ” Oh ,no . You don’t deserve such a nice guy , Chrissy ! ”

The ending of the book was also rushed and I can’t believe Chrissy actually did something right ! I’m serious , she did finally do something right ! And then the crazy butterfly thing with her aunt …yeah , those parts were awkward and I’m not sure they were funny .

What I Actually Liked : I liked the language and flow in the book . The words were witty and it makes me so sad the story wasn’t better . I loved the dog and our hero ( my cutie pie , whom Chrissy didn’t deserve ) and I guess that was it . So much for my expectations of the book .

What was your recent book fail ? 


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