New Vs Used – What’s your thing ??

As avid readers , some of us like few things better than going on a nice long book hunt . But there’s a problem …the books are just way too expensive ! What do you do then ? 

Used books 

Tbh , I haven’t bought any used books yet because I just the feel of new book . But there’s a lot of them on my online cart for my next book shopping . I think I would be wise going with the used books because they cost very less . I mean you can find amazing deals on used books ! I just found the mammoth hunters hardcover for $2 and a new paperback would cost you $8 . That’s awesome , right? 

But..where’s the catch ? The condition of the book is the one thing that worries me . I’m one of those freaks that wants to keep her books looking new and crisp and shopping used books without knowing how they’re actually gonna end up being drives me crazy . You’re always taking a chance . 

On the other hand , it’s a lot cheaper for someone that reads a lot . It’s also eco-friendly ! And despite the argument that buying used books does not support the author , used books have an edge over new books . 

To me , used books seem to be a good choice . What do you think ??  

9 thoughts on “New Vs Used – What’s your thing ??

  1. I’m always hesitant to buy used books unless it’s in a store where I can see a physical copy. I completely agree about the cost issue, but I also really hate when my books are damaged or have writing in them. The most irritating one for me was a fairy tale anthology that I needed for one of my college classes. It was the last copy available at the bookstore, and they were not very reliable about getting books in on time so I decided to buy it. It was still readable and everything, but there were a lot of highlights and written notes throughout it. I hate other people’s highlights because I find them so distracting!

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    1. Me too ! I hate damages and scribbles ( I don’t even scribble on textbooks ! ) . You’re right , used books are a hit hit or miss . I think it’s better to go to the bookstore and buy used books for yourself , then you’ll know the condition of book you’re paying for . I don’t have that choice , there’s no used bookstore anywhere around . So I’ll have to give the online stores a try . They seem to be reliable for used books .


  2. I prefer new books, but am fine with like new used books. If you’re looking for like new books on a budget, I suggest trying Book Outlet; they have bargain books and then scratch and dent books that have little dings and markings on them. So far I have been pleased with everything I’ve purchased through their site.

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  3. I love buying used books because they can be a lot cheaper and they feel like they have a lot of life in them. You can find books in good condition which is awesome. I particularly like going to charity/second-hand shops and looking at the books. You never know what you will find. However, if there is a special book I want, I will probably buy it new. 😀

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  4. used books are the best! They are like little living creatures, with character and a past ❤ the older the better (I love the smell of a super old book) 🙂

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