The Skin Room – that sounds a bit weird , right ?

Do you know those books where you expect something and you get something that’s totally different ? That’s what happened with this book …..
The Skin RoomThe Skin Room by Morgan Fleetwood

My Rating : ★★★★

Genre : Thriller – Suspense

Summary : 

The Skin Room is an unnerving suspense thriller narrated by Alex Melville – multi-lingual translator and multiple murderer. The blood-stained document that comprises the narrative of the novel is his claustrophobic, unreliable account of the murder of Valentina, and the incarceration and death of his drug-addicted sister, Sonia. This is no ordinary confession, however. In a unique and distinctive style, Alex gradually reveals his secret: this story has only one reader, the police inspector he holds responsible for his beloved sister’s death, and that while he writes in the flickering candlelight, he has one last grotesque secret to share that is his ultimate revenge. The Skin Room is a ‘whydunnit’ with a twist.

The Skin Room was a very odd book for me to read . It isn’t your idea of usual suspense but has unique confessional style ( that’s a first for me ) .

I’m not sure what I should say of it but it was great ! From the start we see that Alex is a weirdo and does crazy stuff . At first , you don’t understand his craziness and later you think he’s a maniac but there’s something more going on in there which you find out in the end .

The best part ? The way the book drew me in and kept me hooked . I really didn’t think the book was going to be awesome when I picked the book and it opened up with Alex running after an woman . But as it moved up , it became rather interesting . I really don’t know why I like it but reading about Alex was a entrancing thing .

The bad ? It was meh at times . I mean , I didn’t know about the twisted personality and childhood things when I started reading , so I was impatient to get it done . I really thought the story was a bit elongated and it could have rushed a bit . But that’s personal and I have a feeling that a re-read would right it .

Overall , it was nice and I do recommend it . It was cool and hey , go get it !

I got a review copy of the book . Thanks Morgan and Howarth Press for the chance . I loved it !

What’s your odd-book-read of the year ? 


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