Breaking Myself by Ridhima Chopra

Breaking MyselfBreaking Myself by Ridhima Chopra

Genre : YA romance

Source : Review copy

Rating:  ★★★

Summary : 

Alina Gupta never believed in love. She thinks people come and go, and nobody is bother about anyone in this big world. She has good grades, follow her parents rules and everything that a good girl do. She never speaks much, always has her head under the books, and be in the solace of it.

Kabir Oberoi is a typical teen boy. Break the rules, smokes, drink, bunk classes, do pranks in school and get into trouble. He was a type of a boy your parents say to stay away from. He always wore an ego and smirk like clothes. They never separate away. He is famous as a “PRANKER” in the school.

She is broken. He is having fun.

She is studying at the night. He is busy partying and handling his girlfriends.

She is innocent. He is dangerous.

Both are smiling outside but dying inside.

Two different people. Two different lives. But, somehow, tangle by one single thread. Pain.

They knew only one stare was enough to break them.

What do I think ??

To be frank , the story was a little too overwhelming for me . It was just not my sort , you know where the protagonist is a weirdo and is into depression . Well , it was all weird for me because I couldn’t connect with anyone in the story .

The Good :

I liked the message it delivered . I think this book would mean so much for the girls who are going through things the protagonist went through (view spoiler) The lovey dovey part of the book was okay and the banter was a little infectious but nothing too great .

The Bad :

As I said , there was nothing that I actually felt a connection to . When the story just started off with the protagonist complaining about
every little thing
, all that I felt was irritation . I probably shouldn’t say that since I complain a LOT and even I felt irritated with the way she went on and on about people and their intentions . After that , it got better as I started understanding her but that didn’t connect me to her .

It was plain boring at a lot of times . And everything was ..a little too rushed at times . Like when Alina and Kabir first met , they were already talking to each other in a way that you know just where it’d lead . That didn’t feel natural . And the characters didn’t feel real to me . Tbh , there was so much telling in the story and so little ‘showing’ that I didn’t even have to feel them .

Overview :

It was a ‘meh’ read for me . I think there was so much the author could have done to improve it . For a debut book , it was okay .

REC :  You know what ? I’m gonna leave off the recommendation since I’m not so sure .

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