The Beautiful Roses

Not all reading experiments end well ! I just did an experiment with a new variety of writing and I guess I shouldn’t have stepped out of my comfort zone soon .

The Beautiful RosesThe Beautiful Roses by Swapna Rajput

Genre : Romance

My rating: ★★

Summary : 

This second edition has 1 another heart touching story, so this book is a collection of 6 wonderful love stories published with the same hope of huge liking by its readers.

What do I think ?

Ah ! I must have been wary with the ‘Hinglish ‘ . It was a first for me and I found out quickly enough that it doesn’t work for me . But that wasn’t the only thing that threw me off this book . (Hinglish is Hindi written in English )

The book contains 170 pages and has 6 stories ? Uh oh . But I thought they were supposed to be short sweet but no , they’re a shot at trying to fit too much into too little pages and it felt like someone was pushing the stories at my face . To be honest , that might just be me . I hate it when the story line switches when I’m just starting to care for the first character . So , obviously , I felt no connection with any of the characters .

The other thing is that the story is just too …out of the world for me . You know I don’t like Sandra Brown for a reason . All the stories in this book are just way out of ordinary and the world this book is set on ? It’s the perfect world that’s never going to exist . I hate that .

As an overall , I didn’t enjoy the book and don’t really recommend it to anyone .

Got the book on a giveaway

Have you ever tried reading out of your comfort zone ? How do the tries normally end ? 


4 thoughts on “The Beautiful Roses

  1. Recently I’ve tried stepping out of my comfort zone (which us mostly YA, but also Adult Fantasy, and Mystery/Thrillers) and most of those books have actually been pretty interesting. Others, not so much…but that’s okay! I know this sounds weird, but I think the best thing a reader can do is to stay inside their comfort zones, because those types of books/genres are the reasons we keep reading. It doesn’t hurt to step outside of your zone and try something new, but I don’t think it needs to be done often for you to be a well-rounded reader! 😀 Great post! Sorry this book wasn’t all that enjoyable for you. Hopefully, the next book you pick up out of your comfort zone will be much more interesting!

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