Happy B’day to Me and some more

Aha ha ! I know I’m late for my own birthday but that’s alright , yeah ? So I’m turning 15 finally and it feels like something and yet nothing seems to have changed except my age . Which , I realise , probably makes no sense .

Leaving my b’day aside , tomorrow is India’s independence day ! Advance happy independence day to all Indians reading this ! Β And happy independence day to any pakistani here πŸ™‚

And going on , I’m so sorry for not posting consistently . I was just too lazy to type up new posts for weeks ! Or more like , to do anything at all . This includes me not updating the goodreads as well , which is why you’re seeing all those old books on the sidebar .

Urgh ! I have got so much catching up to do , right ? I’ll have to do it soon :/

How do you get out of blogging slumps ?Β 



20 thoughts on “Happy B’day to Me and some more

  1. Happy belated birthday and happy early Independence day for India! To get out of my blogging slumps, I go through other blogs to get motivation. If that doesn’t work, I try to find a book or a post that I know I will enjoy writing.

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  2. Happy birthday and happy Independence day. I hope you e enjoyed celebrating. So far, I’ve stayed out of slumps visible to readers my writing posts two weeks ahead of time. Then I fear what will happen when I don’t have a post and eventually sit down and write. It works so far.

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      1. I can see it getting boring. Sometimes it does feel more like with than pleasure. I’m sorry you’ve had such bad luck with books lately. I know how much that can just stick the like out of things. Hopefully things will turn around soon!


  3. Happy Birthday!

    What usually gets me out of a blogging slump is just a desire to share bookish thoughts with the world again. If there’s an amazing book I’ve read, or if I’ve just learned some cool bookish news, or even just seeing a book tag that looks like fun.

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