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Published May 28th, 2013
Published by Zumaya Thresholds 

Genres: YA/Fantasy/Mythology

No More Goddesses (Myths and Mayhem #1) by Kim Baccellia

Blurb : 

Jordan Lake discovers an ancient bracelet in her grandmother’s house and uncovers a family mystery that links her favorite actress, Audrey Hepburn, a romantic movie, and an aunt she never knew. Jordan hopes the bracelet will bring her love. Instead, it brings one nightmare after another, unleashing Hathor, the Egyptian love goddess, who decides it’s fun to mess with the McKnight High School social scene. Jordan holds the key to vanquish Hathor, but will she figure out what it is in time to save her school, one of her best friends, and get a date to the Valentine’s Day dance

Goddesses Can Wait (Myths and Mayhem #2) by Kim Baccellia

Blurb :

Jordan Lake, a fifteen-year-old Audrey Hepburn-olic who’s a magnet for goddesses, has a chance to go to Paris with her grandmother and BFF Selena Garza. Even though she senses something is off, she decides to make the trip.

But when she kisses a cute Parisian boy a la Roman Holiday, she switches bodies with Aphrodite and is sent to the Greek netherworld. She must enlist the help of the Greek god (in more ways than one) Ares then complete seven trials set by his sister Artemis in order to return home.

Except time is running out, and if she can’t get Aphrodite back to the Eiffel Tower by midnight, she’ll be stuck in Greek mythology forever.


My fingers brushed against the wooden box. I pulled it out. A slight tingle vibrated through my fingers. Not unpleasant, still it felt as if I’d shocked myself. I gasped, dropping the box.

I winced, fearing I’d broken it. What would my grandmother do once she found out that I not only brought it overseas but now had damaged it? For all I knew it was invaluable.

I scanned the area, freaking out big time. Then to the corner I recognized the familiar woman on the mosaic top. Relieved, I bent over to pick it up and almost dropped it again. The blond woman blinked at me.

Research for writing ( Kim’s views )

It really depends on the project, and how much the writer already knows about the topic. Some writers can get away with little to no research, but for most, I do think it’s an important part of the writing process. Both Audrey Hepburn and ancient mythology play a large role in the series and I carefully researched both.  I’ll share some of my own research I did for the Magic & Mayhem series.

Egyptian sistrumOne of the great things about the Internet, is how easy it is to find resources on just about anything. For the first book, No More Goddesses, I wanted to use Egyptian mythology. I had my Egyptian national brother-in-law help. My sister ended up sending me items from Egypt like this cool Hathor sistrum and some incense (the kind that the ancient Egyptians used in the mummification process!).

audrey1I watched just about all of the 25 movies Audrey Hepburn starred in! Read her biographies, including this fun children’s book. Let’s just say I totally immersed myself in her life. I could see why my main character Jordan would totally love her! One favorite thing I learned about Audrey was she helped in the Resistance during WWII while living in what’s now the Netherlands. She never forgot the kindness of the American troops and this was one reason why later in her life she became the Goodwill Ambassador of UNICEF to help children around the world.

My favorite quote of hers has to be, “Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’!

The second book in the series takes place largely in Paris. Since packing up and flying to Paris for the weekend wasn’t a practical option, I used other resources like family members who’ve been to Paris, some friends who live in the city, and those who live in France to get the skinny on what it’s really like there. Google map is amazing too. You can actually see upfront the streets, locations of just about anywhere in the world.

As easy as technology can make some parts of research, there are some drawbacks. I found this out with No More Goddesses. My younger sister is studying to be an Egyptologist and had access to a number of chants and spells from the Book of the Dead.  I learned not to assume that anything, including ancient text, is public domain. This means, free for anyone to use without getting the permission of that author. One of the spells I use in No More Goddesses, is in fact used by a Hathor Priestess in Utah. I emailed her and asked permission if I could use that chant. She graciously said I could and I acknowledge her in my book.  My advice is to make sure that whatever quotes you might use, are in fact in the public domain first!

crepesResearch doesn’t have to be boring! For Goddesses Can Wait, I went to French bakeries and ate yummy macaroons and other desserts!  I also went to a women’s activity where we learned to make crepes and learn some French sayings.

( Me : That’s an interesting research . I always imagined research is being flooded with books lol ) 

I listened to French language tapes to get the gist of the language. For No More Goddesses I visited an Egyptian mummy exhibit that came to the Bower Museum in Santa Ana, California. Fascinating stuff! Now that scientists can use MRI scans on mummies, they can find out the health of those who lived some 2,000+ years ago. To help with some research in the third book, which uses Roman mythology, I thought it would be cool to check out the Pompeii exhibit at the LA Science museum. Haunting.

There’s also a painting of the the Greek goddess Aphrodite that plays havoc with Jordan’s life in Goddesses Can Wait!

In conclusion, I think doing research first is important when writing a book. It doesn’t need to be the stereotypical boring activity. With the Internet, the world is at your fingertips.  Do something fun like eat some yummy cuisine from a foreign site. Next time I hope I’ll actually get to fly to Paris and get one of those Nutella crepes that my character Selena loves. Yum.

About the Author:



When writing Goddesses Can Wait, Kim Baccellia watched almost all of Audrey Hepburn’s movies and learned to love this famous icon after watching and reading all she could about her. Two of her all-time favorite movies, Roman Holiday and Funny Face, are the inspiration for Jordan’s trip to Paris. What teen girl wouldn’t love to have a romantic moment on the Eiffel Tower?

A member of RWA, Kim is currently putting the finishing touches on a YA multicultural thriller. She lives in Southern California with her husband and son.

My website: http://www.kim-baccellia.com

The Giveaway:

a signed copy of both books in the Myths & Mayhem series plus a cute Paris tote and some swag; open US only ( Sorry international people ! ) 

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Book Depository: https://www.bookdepository.com/Goddesses-Can-Wait-Kim-Baccelli/9781612712970

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