Song of the current – that book with the pretty cover .

You know what’s amazing ? A book with a kickass girl ! This one has that sort of girl and I’m falling every bit in love with this one already ! A world with pirates and ships and water everywhere ? Bring it on !  I’m so excited about talking about this one !

download-min.jpgSong of the Current by Sarah Tolcser

Genre : Young Adult – Fantasy

Rating : ★★★★

Summary : 

Caroline Oresteia is destined for the river. For generations, her family has been called by the river god, who has guided their wherries on countless voyages throughout the Riverlands. At seventeen, Caro has spent years listening to the water, ready to meet her fate. But the river god hasn’t spoken her name yet—and if he hasn’t by now, there’s a chance he never will.

Caro decides to take her future into her own hands when her father is arrested for refusing to transport a mysterious crate. By agreeing to deliver it in exchange for his release, Caro finds herself caught in a web of politics and lies, with dangerous pirates after the cargo—an arrogant courier with a secret—and without the river god to help her. With so much at stake, Caro must choose between the life she always wanted and the one she never could have imagined for herself.

From debut author Sarah Tolcser comes an immersive and romantic fantasy set along the waterways of a magical world with a headstrong heroine determined to make her mark

My thoughts :

Alright, where do I even start about this one? It’s so amazing I’m not sure I’d be able to capture all the emotions this book put me through in mere words . It was so good in a lot of ways and I just can’t stop thinking I’m messing with my opinions here .

I have a real thing for water and ships and pirates . My love for pirates began a while ago when I fell in love with a book-viking ( OMG but they’re awesome ) and I’ve been sold to any book that boasts pirates (because ...How could any girl resist ?) and this book didn’t pass by me especially with that pretty cover ! And gods , this one had all things I wanted . That love/hate , dark powers , and did I tell you? A kickass girl! 

What was the best part? 

I assume you mean , ‘best parts , since you have a long list coming at you!

Caro! While there were so many things that’s great about this book , it was the girl Caro was that makes me want to push this book at you . I mean , she was such a strong girl . She’s stubborn, brave , loyal and what not ? She’s one of the best  protagonists ever! She is a privateer ! She’s a real fighter and loves her ship and would kill you if you insult her ( sounds strong yet? ❤ )

The Diversity: I love diversity in my books because the default is boring me so much and I sorta went into this book looking out for a default protagonist but Caro is biracial! And that was fresh!

The world building: I loved loved the world Song of the current was built on! Those ships , that ocean , that wilderness! I felt every bit of the river that we floated on and the jungles were so beautiful in my imagi-world . That’s wrong , they were terribly gorgeous that I can’t even imagine how hard it would have been to capture that beauty in words! Hats off to Sarah!

My next book boyfriend: Tarquin. I know I’ve got a lot of book boyfriends already but can I just have one more? I love Tarquin! He’s one of those guys who have got that personality that draws you to them. I can understand why I’m loving him and would probably allow myself to marry him if he were real! If only!

What’s not so great? 

Yeah, as lovely as any book is, it’s got its faults . The worst thing about this book is how hard it is to follow through. I read a lot of books with ships but girl , this one was a little too over the top with all those terms. I usually love learning a little more through books but having to look up the library every once in a while is not so cool ( which I didn’t do because I usually understand terms if I read what’s written over and over )

And the book was a bit boring at the start. For me , the book picked up when the port was attacked and we started nearing the crate part. The writing was also a bit dramatic at times but come on, there’s a lot of potential in Sarah and I can’t wait to see more refined books from her.


As an overall , I did like the book and I recommend it .

What’s your favourite book set in a watery place?

12 thoughts on “Song of the current – that book with the pretty cover .

  1. You can never have too many book boyfriends. 😉 I’ve seen this book pop up on my timeline more these days and I must admit I’m intrigued. The premise sounds like just my kind of book and the fact that there’s a biracial protagonist is always a plus. Great review.

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    1. I know that about the book boy friends 😍 you never get enough of them because they’re just so..awesome 😍😍 Thanks and I can’t wait for you to read it ! I’m always looking for people to fangirl with lol 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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