Do you read Dystopian ? I Need You Here!

So you might be wondering why I jumped from being a reviewer to review requester for this once , but I recently fell in love with the blurb of a book and want you guys to read it , too ! ( I mean , I need a fangirl team , right ? )

Recently I was contacted by Michael to read his box set of 3 books and review them. I don’t know why but I was snagged the moment I read the word ‘Arena’ . You all know I love History and ‘Arena’ meant something in history . And there are gladiators ! How can I not fall for it when it has gladiators ?

But the problem is …I’m not accepting e-books right now . Michael is an indie-author and I’m feeling guilty allover because I’m requesting a print copy . So I’m going to be the pitchy-match maker ( yeah , that sounds crazy )

Blog Opportunity :

* Deep breathe because this is the first time I’m doing this ! Woot ! *

Review Arena : 

Arena: OmnibusArena: Omnibus by D. Michael Withrow

Genre : Dystopia

Release Date : April 6th 2017

Page Count : 506 pages ( in all three books as a whole )

Publisher : Self-Published

Publishing Date : April 6th , 2017

Formats Available : All formats with a preference to e-copies.

Synopsis :  
In the future those that reach their debt limit are sold off as slaves to the wealthy. Convicted killers are forced to fight in the arena as gladiators did thousands of years before them. 

Follow Colston, the son of a wealthy owner, as he struggles to become a man in this unforgiving world filled with violence and heartbreak. Can he save the debtors he has grown to love or will his maniacal father win out in the end? 

Goodreads Amazon

Cross-Post request : Your choice. But it would be really helpful for the author if you could post to as many platforms as you are willing to .

How do I join ?

Just comment that you’re up for it and add your email . To be on the safer side , add your email in this format :

example (at) expamle.com

I’d love for you to join !

If you’re not ready to comment your email , just contact me via the Contact form.


Note : I’m doing this for free . I really meant it when I said I fell in love with the blurb . The concept is very good and I can see potential . But I’m not sure of what’s on the pages-that’s for you to discover ! 

Do you ever feel guilty because you’re not being fair to the author ( or so you feel ) ?



9 thoughts on “Do you read Dystopian ? I Need You Here!

  1. Reblogged this on mousaibookscom and commented:
    I always like to support self-published authors, and this book does sound interesting so…here we go with a little signal boosting. Feel free to share to your own social media platforms.

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  2. Also, since this does sound interesting, I’m going to add this to my list of books to buy on my next shopping binge. Sadly, I don’t know when exactly I would be able to get around to reading it though, on account of a rather large to be read for review list.

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