Temptation Trials by B.Truly



Genre :  Dystopia

Theme : Post Apocalyptic – Romance

Source : Review copy

Rating : ★★


The summary : 

Temptation Trails follows the life of two simple girls who live in a life post the world war III . There is one world government now and people are sheep to be led to slaughter . And the people went along willingly .

Cali had accepted that her life would also be decided by the Regime . The government always decided who people ended up with , who was she to refuse ? But even as she tried to keep reminding herself that she could not be different , Cade made his way into her heart . Love was forbidden and no one ever ended up together . What were they going to do ? 

As Cali struggles to find a way to fight for her love , Stefani has her own load of troubles in a package called Tobias . He made her feel things she never had -things she had never wanted to feel . She had never wanted to be the woman that melts at the touch of a man , but here she was , falling deep deep into trouble for a man .

The only way for them to stay together was the Temptation Trials . Is their love strong enough for them to fight for it ? 

My Thoughts On This :

Firstly , I’m going to admit I loved how the author experimented with the genres . She just went there and mixed a few genres and tried to make a new formula . In my mind , I was imagining she was in her white coat pouring different chemicals into test tubes , trying to figure out a complex compound lol .

So needless to say , I was hooked by the oddity of the genre . It had romance , sci-fi , reality TV fiction..and a weird dystopian world where the Government chooses who you get married to . It was similar to a book I’d read before so I was very excited when it popped up in my ‘request a copy’ list . I did so right away !

The book started out real great and I enjoyed many parts of the book . However , I had a lot of problems with this book which includes the prose , the concept and the central point of the story itself .

The first thing I noticed as I went into this one is that the characters are not very believable . So in a world where love is forbidden , two girls go out partying and fall in love with two guys in the blink of an eye ? REALLY ? Yeah , well , falling in love that soon after telling us you were always avoiding ‘love’ is not so nice .

Stefani was probably supposed to be the stronger , boyish and braver one of the pair ( Cali and Stef are besties ) but she came off as just yet another girls out there . I actually think the author was trying to make Cali the emotionally strong , calm girl and Stefani the talkative , bold and daring one . But we are never seeing the girls that were supposed to be .

The prose was probably the worst of all . I don’t really think a book needs to be very poetic to be stamped as ‘good’ but every book is but a play of words . This book didn’t do a good job of making the reading of words enjoyable .

Do I recommend this ? 


I’ve seen this book pop up at a lot of tours . If you’ve picked this one or have read it already , tell me what you think !


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