Join the blogger meet 2017 !

I’m starting this carnival because I can’t find carnivals for book bloggers to meet and connect at . This is not anything fancy , so I just hope we get to meet amazing bloggers as the month advances .

Theme :

Well , I thought a lot about it and then realised one theme will never comprise the love for books and blogs . So basically , the theme is books and book blogs . You can post about anything book-ish . Loved a book ? Your top 10 list ? Your favourite bloggers ? Sure , post away !

They can be Reviews , Top 10 lists and articles about book blogging . Although a variety of posts is appreciated, it will be easy to sum everything down if it’s just these . Other posts are accepted .

And the genre can be anything . I’m personally going to be reading a lot of YA , NA and romances . But you can do from mysteries to sweet books . The only genres I’d like to keep away are erotica , christian fiction and racist books .

Rules :

Not many of them but still..

  1. Obviously , the post must be bookish.
  2. This is not ‘invite only ‘ , so anyone may join.
  3. Tag book bloggers you think will be interested in meeting other bloggers
  4. Re-blog this post so do get to find bloggers
  5. Add this post URL when you post your content ( it can be a small ‘meet new bloggers’ at the end of the post .
  6. Be polite and read the posts that others post ( if they interest you )
  7. This is a ‘meet’ , so try to cultivate relationships than search for followers ( Though , you will indeed get followers if your content is good )
  8. Once the meet is up , you’ll have to re-post the list of articles .
  9. And once the meet is up , you’ll have to write a post about the bloggers you met ( honestly , blogging is hard . We gotta help each other reach out )
How to enter :

Just write up a post or two that is book-ish and comment the link below . I’d love to make a form for that and collect all URLS , but I find that to be a lot of work . So you can just post it down here since that’ll make it easy for collection . If you don’t want to do that , you can just email me with the link .

You can submit multiple posts . But the limit is at 1-3 .

I’ll personally go through all the posts before adding them to ‘collection ‘ list . I’m not very strict about what’s on your post , but I’ll just make you followed the rules .

Basics :

This is how I hope this will work out ,

Bloggers will get new audiences by having their articles linked here because it will be re-blogged by all the bloggers who join . It will also improve your Google Ranking if the URL appears at a lot of places .

Meet new bloggers is all about finding new friends and helping each other improve . So just get friendly and warm and slap an online smiley on ( not literal ) .

So I’ll just collect all the post links and put all the similar ones together , so it would be easy for you to find them .

The submissions are open from July (today ) – August 31st 2017 . After August , we’re going to keep falling in love with new blogs and get new friends .

What to do next :

We can always do more than just meet via blog posts .ย My twitter idย is here for anyone to contact with me . But I guess we can all meet with the hash tag #BookBM . It is already on and anyone who wants to use it are welcome ๐Ÿ™‚

My Tags :

Here’s a list of amazing bloggers that I’d love to invite ,

iamdes@Des’ Random Thoughts

Krysti@YA and Wine

Ash@Fear Street Zombie

Judi@Blue Cat Reviews

Mandy@ Book Princess Reviews

Dani @ Perspective of a Writer

Thai@Read, Breathe , Repeat

Yesha@Book , TeaCup and Reviews

I’m not just adding them to invite them but they’re a group of real wonderful bloggers . Some have great content and others are just so friendly !

I’d love to see you on !ย 








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