Spindle Fire by Lexa Hillyer

30163661Genre : Young adult – Fantasy

Theme : Retelling – Fairy tale

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The summary : 

It all started with the burning of the spindles.


 It all started with a curse…

Half sisters Isabelle and Aurora are polar opposites: Isabelle is the king’s headstrong illegitimate daughter, whose sight was tithed by faeries; Aurora, beautiful and sheltered, was tithed her sense of touch and her voice on the same day. Despite their differences, the sisters have always been extremely close.

And then everything changes, with a single drop of Aurora’s blood—and a sleep so deep it cannot be broken.

As the faerie queen and her army of Vultures prepare to march, Isabelle must race to find a prince who can awaken her sister with the kiss of true love and seal their two kingdoms in an alliance against the queen.

Isabelle crosses land and sea; unearthly, thorny vines rise up the palace walls; and whispers of revolt travel in the ashes on the wind. The kingdom falls to ruin under layers of snow. Meanwhile, Aurora wakes up in a strange and enchanted world, where a mysterious hunter may be the secret to her escape…or the reason for her to stay.

My thoughts : 

I’ve got a confession for you . I buy anything that looks pretty and has a good summary . The star touched queen , Rose Petal Graves , Flame in the Mist , you name it , I’ve got it . It’s like I can’t resist them and I get drawn to them again and again . This book is no different . You would think I should have learnt my lesson by now , but no . I had to go out and get this book and I did .

Spindle fire is a retelling of the sleeping beauty with bits and pieces of Alice in the Wonderland . You can literally see the heavy influence of sleeping beauty in this book , as the parts about the spindle and all come along . However , it didn’t take too long for the story to become it’s own and I was starting to enjoy the book .

And then , BOOM ! The plot actually hits me . I mean , the story became it’s own and then it came crashing back into the fairy tale again . Um , when are we going to read the story written by Lexa ? This is all in the fairy tale and I could have saved myself the whole day I spent reading this by reading the short original one that actually made more sense than this .

Is something seriously wrong with me though ? Lately , all the books I could find are books with a lot of potential and no execution . This book had so much capacity .  Two disabled sisters so different from each other , yet never loving each other less , struggling with the odd turns their life takes . Aurora is engaged to Prince Phillip and Isabelle is set to go to a convent . When Phillip is murdered , Aurora runs away , to escape a lifetime in a convent . And soon the ‘sleeping beauty ‘ part happens and Aurora is put to sleep . Soon Isabelle discovers that the entire palace is up with a sleeping sickness .

Tell me , what’s not there in the above plot ? It could’ve been used to weave a magical story but did we see that ? Nope .

I can’t shake off the feeling that Lexa wanted to pull the book off as badass , but it just turned out to be a cliche , romantic , sort of thing . I do like romances in Fantasy , but this is a bit too over done .

I don’t know if you should turn this book down though . I did enjoy certain parts of the book and this review probably one of , ” This is not the book . This is me ” . If anyone’s read it before , I’d love to hear what you think .

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