The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness


Genre : Young Adult – Science Fiction

Theme : Dark YA

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The summary : 

Imagine you can hear everything the town of men say about you. And they can hear everything you think. Imagine you don’t fit into their plans. Todd Hewitt is just one month away from the birthday that will make him a man. But his town has been keeping secrets from him. Secrets that are going to force him to run.

What I think 

                                            “We are the choices we make.”

What can I say ? I remember having read this book some years back and I loved this book back then . I often find myself looking into my shelf , checking out the books I loved , relishing the memories of the book . It’s the best book and yet , it’s also the worst .

The book is about Todd , a boy who’d become a man when e reaches thirteen . He lives in this town called Prentisstown , where everyone is male and hear each other’s thoughts . But even then , a deep dark secret manages to thrive .

What happened to the women of Prentisstown ? Why is Todd so important ?

I loved the concept and the uniqueness of the world building . The relationship between the characters is believable and real-like . This book also has an amazing animal character ( let’s admit that we all love them ! ) .

Manchee , the amazing dog , was the best character in the book ! He died though..and that’s the worst problem in this book , for me . I will never forgive the author for killing him off .

The villains were the craziest ever ! I mean..they’re down right crazy . No temptation to read more about their ‘evilness ‘ . No subtlety ..no point .

And ..come on . I get it that people could be brainwashed into killing . But it was jarring and guess what the author does ? Brushes it off like it didn’t mean a thing . Like why doesn’t it matter ?

I can’t believe how Todd is so innocent . I can’t do so especially after he gave a speech to Viola about how all humans fall and get up . Fall here means Kill and no , not all of us kill . But more than that , he never went out and told Aaron that he had killed . I’m leaving out what could’ve changed if he had confessed since it’s a spoiler .

I’m thinking of rating it on Goodreads right now and can’t settle for the perfect number of stars ( I didn’t add it when I read it ) . This is one of those books that’s so intense that you start expecting the amazingness to keep stretching and when at one point , the amazingness stops and you are let down .

This book is still in my heart , though . It’s one of the most meaningful , touching story I’ve ever read . It’s also one of the ridiculously additive books ever .

I might be confusing you now , and I’m sorry for it . I can’t seem to express myself right now . I do believe you should read this book atleast once . It’s indeed one of my favourite young adult books ever .

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