Demons and Destiny by Catherine Milos is a keeper , people !

34995433Genre : Fantasy -Paranormal-New Adult

Source : Review copy

The summary : 

What else are friends for, but to rescue you from a deranged reincarnated dark Viking shaman serving a lazy lesser Celtic god? Ex-Angel Tyrel Hanson is cursed. He must send all demons back to Hell before he can be with the woman he loves. The mission is enough to drive him to darkness. Elizabeth McAllistar discovers she is magic-blind. A dangerous condition which could end up killing her and her best-friend Madison. Madison Porter is a scientist. When she suddenly discovers she has magic and a past-life with Tyrel her world is thrown into chaos. Her magic might be the only thing that can free Tyrel from his cursed destiny and keep them all alive.

My thoughts …

Demons and Destiny is the second in the series of Angels and Avalon  , but this one can be read as a stand-alone . ( I haven’t read the book one ) .

I can’t tell you how excited I was when I got an email from Miss Milos about her book . I mean , I love the Vikings and Celts ! So I went into the book amazingly quick and guess what ? The story was really well plotted .

The best part of it all was how Gods were portrayed as flawed people . That is one thing I rarely ever see -I’ve only seen Moning and Maas do that . It actually makes the story more interesting and realistic because no one , not even a god , is perfect .

Tyr is a translator of the mighty Viking warriors . He finds his lady love on an invasion and takes her as his thrall (slave) . That’s where the real story kicks in . Soon after , Nuada , a Celtic god , toys with the couple to further his own ends and successfully breaks them apart . Then the setting shifts . Both Tyr and his girl are reincarnated . But it isn’t romance the book is about . It is about sending the freed Demons back to hell where they belong and Tyrel ( Tyr ) is the one to do it .

You know my recent add to favourite characters list ? Elizabeth . While I liked the MCs itself , Elizabeth was something more . She’s been through so much and that doesn’t keep her from helping her friends . I just hope the book gets a hype and fandom memes start flooding ( I suck at fandom art / memes myself ) .

The only part I didn’t like was the prose itself and maybe the pace . Everything seemed to happen so fast and I just couldn’t wrap my head around that speed . But that’s probably just me .

I feel like sighing over and over . But getting to it , I really enjoyed the book . Catherine Milos obviously knew what she was writing .

Buy the book here :  Amazon 

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