Netgalley : Should You Join it ?

Netgalley is one of the most popular website that connects readers , publishers , authors , librarians , etc . Being on the Netgalley is currently a rage in the book blog . You have probably heard of this site that offers free e-ARCs in return for review . Should you join it , though ?

Here are the pros and cons of Netgalley :

Pros :

  • You get to read books for free
  • You get to read books before they are even published !

Cons : 

  • Bloggers will get too many requests through their blog itself to have time to deal with these .
  • Authors/ Publishers pay way too much to give their books away for free

Let me rant , now , will you ? Firstly , why should anyone pay to give their things away for free ? I understand that the sales might go up after getting reviews via Netgalley , but hey , aren’t we bloggers the actual people reviewing books ?

Are we bloggers too lazy as to search up a Publisher’s email and details to request for ARCs and Review copies ?  I don’t see any other reason for anyone to join Netgalley and request books through them .

Fact 1 : 

You still risk rejection 

Fact 2 :

You still have to have a good-enough blog to be approved . Being on Netgalley isn’t what gets you approval , but it is rather your blog and stats itself . 

This is not confined to Netgalley alone . Almost all reviewer programs are just the same but I chose Netgalley to write this post about because they are the big-timers right now .

The points certain bloggers put forth as a reason for you to join the Netgalley are :

Free membership with no Premium membership offers 

Hello ? They are making money out of the number of bloggers in their website . If they do make it a paid membership , do you think bloggers would be exited about joining it ? And if the bloggers walk out , do you think the company would still be profitable ? No . This is not something they do for the bloggers , but for themselves . How is that a reason for you to join ?

You get ARCS 

As I mentioned above , you can get ARCs without actually having a Netgalley account . So that’s no reason , either .

You get ARCs without a blog 

This can also happen without a Netgalley account  . I’ve got a lot of books before I even started blogging . This is because I had a solid base on Goodreads and I know a lot of people who got review copies via Goodreads and other social media .

You don’t have to write a detailed review of what you feel 

That is the worst reason I’ve ever seen . You review a book because you want to tell your readers if the book was worth it . You actually have to tell them all that you loved and hated because that is how you pay back to your lovely readers – by telling them if the book is worth their money . However , many of us don’t write pages of rants . A 6 line review about what you think will suffice if it manages to convey what you feel .

You don’t have to review books you request 

This is against the virtual rules of the book blogosphere . You might not want to review a book because you just can’t complete it or because you didn’t like the book is understandable but requesting a book knowing you are not going to write a review is indecent of you , to put it slightly . Why would you request a REVIEW copy , if you are set against reviewing from the start ?

You can see publisher preference : 

What does that even mean ? Let me rephrase the title , you can see what the publisher wants of you after you accept the review copy . Honestly , what do you think is going to be expected ? A review up in your blog at any specific time the publisher might have in mind .

Getting Badges : 

This is the funniest of all reasons . How many of us judge a blog by the number of badges it has up ? A blog is judged by its content , not the virtual awards or badges you might get . I understand how it might feel like an achievement , having a ” Professional Netgalley Reviewer ” or so badge up , but at the end of the day , it’s just a badge . If you don’t have amazing content to show case , the badges would mean nothing .

Huge collection : 

Wait..aren’t books coming out in a large number every month ? Aren’t there a thousand more waiting to be released ? If we have a book we just can’t wait for , why not go search a little about the publisher or even the author itself ? Most of the times , authors have sign up forms for VIP readers who get ARCS months before the release . And this is a huge collection , too -only , you are a little choosy .

Making connections with Publishers : 

Ah , there we go again . Isn’t that what we do via blogs as well ? Many bloggers make connections with publishers through their blog itself and they don’t really need Netgalley as a medium .

So , you see ? There’s really no exclusive reason to join Netgalley as people would have you believe . I get it that it’s pretty neat and wrapped up , but that is what lazy is , right ? And also , publishers receive 100s of requests for books , do you really think you will end up actually making connections with them that way ? You are one among a lot of reviewers . What makes you remember-able ?

Am I missing out something important here ?



4 thoughts on “Netgalley : Should You Join it ?

  1. Most people are lazy, so that’s why they use NetGalley. *shrug* Common sense, in my opinion.
    Also, NetGalley actually doesn’t require you to have a blog to post. That’s one of their options you can choose when signing up (i.e. “I will only review on sites like Amazon, Goodreads, etc.”)– which is what I did. And I’ve gotten plenty of amazing books from there.


    1. I did mention that people don’t need blogs to get signed up . I was aiming this at the bloggers , which is why I mentioned of the blogs more . That was just my opinion up there 🙂


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