Netgalley:Should You Join it?

Netgalley is one of the most popular website that connects readers , publishers , authors , librarians , etc . Being on the Netgalley is currently a rage in the book blog.You have probably heard of this site that offers free e-ARCs in return for review.Should you join it,though?

That’s totally up to you.

Because…I can’t find anything special about Netgalley. I see a lot of amazing books on Netgalley but I also see a lot of bloggers talk about how they are not able to complete all the books they get approved for. 

I think that’s the biggest problem I’d have with Netgalley. Knowing me,I’d probably request a lot of books for the beautiful covers. And then lazy me will not complete them. And then I’d drown in guilt. 

So if you’re a person who can’t write emails to publishers and wait on them, then Netgalley is your perfect match. Also, if you’re a person who can plan things ahead for their blog, you and Netgalley are star-crossed lovers,my friend.

Instead, if you’re like me and don’t think you could keep track of what you’re doing in your blog, you should probably not sign up.

How do you guys manage to keep track of all review copies? I can not comprehend that supernatural power! 

Also, let’s be friends on social media? (Because you know you wanna be my friend *awkward wink*

4 thoughts on “Netgalley:Should You Join it?

  1. Most people are lazy, so that’s why they use NetGalley. *shrug* Common sense, in my opinion.
    Also, NetGalley actually doesn’t require you to have a blog to post. That’s one of their options you can choose when signing up (i.e. “I will only review on sites like Amazon, Goodreads, etc.”)– which is what I did. And I’ve gotten plenty of amazing books from there.


    1. I did mention that people don’t need blogs to get signed up . I was aiming this at the bloggers , which is why I mentioned of the blogs more . That was just my opinion up there 🙂


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