Baby of Shame : The Best Grovel Romance


Genre : Romance
Theme : Baby daddy trope
Summary : 

Will one night of unforgettable pleasure lead to a lifetime of hatred and desire…?

Rhianna has struggled against the odds to survive since that fateful night. But she knows that, one day soon, the secret she carries will cost her….

Sure enough, Greek tycoon Alexis Petrakis has discovered that their shame-filled night created something beautiful…a baby that he will do anything to reclaim….



My thoughts :


You are one of those who’s thinking of buying it because they told you it has amazing grovel ? Well , no . This is stupid and has one of those one page grovel that I don’t really feel . But leaving grovel aside , let’s get to the story now , shall we ?

Alexis : I had the worst parents in the world ! My mother was promiscuous and didn’t care for me , so all females should be the same !

Rhianna : I also had a bad childhood always wanting for my father to love me ! I was trying to uselessly make him love me when I fell into the arms of the oh so beautiful Alex .

Who the hell ‘does’ with a guy you met like hours ago ?! One she didn’t even have a proper conversation with . Sorry , Rhia was the dumbest girl I’ve ever read of . Later , after the flashback , she’s all like , I hate him because he used me as an one-night stand …Hello ? You were never committed . And who the heck goes to a guy’s hotel room to discuss business ?? Dumber . And then there’s the place where she over reacts because he thought she was selling herself for the business . Guess what ? H thought right .

Don’t get me wrong , that guy is still a meanie . He only realized how he ‘loved’ her after she started looking good . Yeah , you read that right . And who falls in love at first and can only think of how beautiful she is ? Vain brainless useless people unfit to be MCs . Let’s move past that and over look it , what do we get ? Alex being a jerk 80% of the book , testing her to see if she was a good mother and blah blah blah . Honestly , are there real people like that ? If there are , they’ll be called creeps  .

By the end , there’s no grovel nothing . I won’t even call that one-page thing a grovel .

The dumb H admits his love and tada ! HEA! And he says he was in love with her the moment he saw her at the charity party . Really , dude ? You didn’t seem in love . But to equate to that guy , Rhis (as said ) was dumb and dumb and a doormat , ofcourse . There’s no logic behind anything happening in the book .

Save yourself some money and time and don’t buy this thing .

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