A Gentle Feuding by Johanna Lindsey


Original Title : A Gentle Feuding
ISBN : 0380871556 (ISBN13: 9780380871551)
Edition Language : English
Genre : Historical Scottish Romance



Duty demands that Sheena, the beautiful jewel of the Fergusson clan, wed to end the violent feud that has devastated her family. But never could she give herself completely to the handsome and dangerous laird Jamie MacKinnion – the most feared man in the Scottish highlands.

The captive prize of Jamie’s sword, Sheena struggles in vain to escape the desire awakened by his touch. And though pride insists she hate her dashing enemy, Sheena’s heart begs her to yield…and to surrender to Jamie’s passionate love.


My thoughts……..
The plot is really forgettable and it doesn’t help that I read it sometime ago .. I don’t remember a lot on it ..but let me recall , so there’s an arrogant jerk of a hero . He kidnaps the h . Hero’s little brother wants the h . h is stupid and runs away from Jamie . Then some more fillers (Yeah , raiding blah blah blah ) and then h and H have a HEA .

Does that interest you ? I thought not . Honestly , I love Scottish stories . I would die any day for a highland laird or a viking jarl . But this book ruined the feelings I had for Scotland in a spectacular way . I didn’t feel anything for Jamie the way I would have for one of Julie Garwood’s highland lairds . Do the even compare ? Okay , I usually like JL ‘s even though most of her books go against ethics . (Like in this one , kidnap the freaking girl ! ) . And oh the plot was freaking stupid …wait , I guess I’m remembering the story .

Jamie saw Sheena in her own castle . She looked like a vision and he is mesmerised . He doesn’t know she is a lady and assumes she is a beggar .  So anyway , Jamie is imprisoned in sheena’s place while raiding against her clan  . Niall , Sheena’s brother,  helps him escape . Then Jamie comes upon Sheena once again because apparently , Sheena’s father sent her away to live like a beggar (or a nun ) with her Aunt . Can it get any stupider ?? What father would send his lady daughter to work like a commoner ? ( Emphasis again on lady) .

This is probably typical of JL . Idk how JL pulls them off . I completed the book , which was only because JL threw some magic to keep me from hurling the book to the floor and picking another nice one . I would have done that if the same story was written by Catherine Coulter

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