He Loves Me Not: The Romantic Comedy you’ve been waiting for


Kindle Edition, : 79 pages
Published : February 22nd 2017
Publisher : Inspired Ink
Author : Shyla Colt
Series :  Bunch-A-Bloom series (can be read as standalone )
Summary :
When best friend’s Petunia and Mason find themselves in a bind, marriage seems like the perfect solution. There’s a list they need to follow to make the contract marriage believable. Step 1: Pitch the deal &Tell the Folks
Step 2: Be seen out and about together
Step 3: Date, Date & Date some more
Step 4: Your Place or Mine? ( Move in together)
Step 5: The Proposal
Step Six: Fulfill the contract
Warning: Do not Fall in love
They broke the number one rule, don’t fall in love. Now hearts may soon follow.


My thoughts….

The book was realistic and made me dream about how it would’ve been to actually have had a best friend like that . The book is short besides , it only took about one and a half hour to read for me lol .
The book begins with a friend proposing a marriage of benefits to his bestie and she agrees though she feels bad about it . It doesn’t feel right because she already has feelings for him…they’d been together once and she was heart broken when it ended and she doesn’t want it to happen again . But she has benefits that she can’t refuse …and can only hope her heart will survive it . Through it all , the fake everything , they manage still to stay their lovely selves , the friends they always were . And through what was fake , they begin to see what they had both ignored ( or had been blind to ) for so long . They realize that they had loved each other all those years they had been together and it was a very nice thing to read how two people saw what they wanted .
I wish I can go on and on about this but sadly , I’m sure no wants me to do that . So anyway I would say go on and grab it . This is definitely worth it . You would sure find yourself another book bf ( omg mason was freaking amazing ! ) and lots of smiles . I know I smiled like an idiot when reading the banters of Petunia and Mason ❤

* Cheesy
* Love and love and love
* Nothing happening through the pages

But I will still tell you the book was great . I usually hate these stuff , but the writing was wonderful enough to make me ignore it .

      I received it as a gift from Miss Colt 

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