Review : Quarter Life Crisis



Author : Anshuk Attri
Paperback, 304 pages
Published April 2017 by Maple Press
I am Prachur, a twenty-three year old guy from Shimla, and I want to tell you my story. I don’t claim that my life is particularly worth reading, especially the first twentyone years. But things did become interesting by the time I came to finish my degree in engineering. At the time I was like every other guy of my age — pretentious and clueless about my future. I loathed the very idea of a mundane job. I felt that my lack of clarity about my future was my biggest problem. Imagine what I felt when I found out that Neera, my girlfriend, was pregnant! Quarter life Crisis is the story of my coming of age and my quest for happiness.

My thoughts ..
I’m seriously not sure how to describe this book . I’ll try my best to give you an apt review , though .

The book is set in Shimla , India . The protagonist Prachur is not really someone I would consider an ideal hero , tbh . But anyway , he is a student and the hardships of adulthood hits him when his girlfriend reveals the outcome of something stupid they did (that’s a possible spoiler , so I’ll leave it out ) , From there , he comes up front with many problems and is forced to deal with them . He has always been ‘carefree ‘ and so all these parts of an adult life is harder than he wants to deal with .

If you ask me , I’ll tell you that the book is more about how someone screwed his own life and is dealing with it .I did like that the author addresses social issues but even then , I can’t shake off the feeling that he was mocking the traditions that have existed for so long . While this won’t matter to many people , it definitely did to me . I found myself thinking , “does he think having someone call a child ‘bastard’ worth it ? ”

The book really wasn’t written in a way it can be judged . It’s something one might describe as a hit or miss (maybe ? ) . The book didn’t impress me but the style was good . The book is putdownable and is a light read with no angsty . I also can’t find a apt genre for the book . Um..that’s pretty much it . Oh and towards the end of the book , the hero screws up big time . I’m one of those who believes the H has to crawl on iron pricks to be redeemed for doing crazy stuff . So this isn’t for you if you love grovel (like the ones from Judith McNaught and all .

Who do I rec’ this to ? I don’t know . You’ll have to pick up and read the book in order to know if it suits you .

           I received a complimentary copy of the book in return for a honest review



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