B&R Book Blog Awards 2017

I just combed the internet to find some book-blog awards and not surprisingly , I came up with empty awards that neglect the amazing book-bloggers . After giving it some thought , I decided to do it myself .

Rules : 

Only Nominate Book-Blogs .

One Blog can get nominated for many categories .

You may nominate 2 blogs per category , so make it count .

If you’re nominating your own blog , then you should nominate a few other blogs to make it to the final list

Nomination : From May 6th to June 30th 

Nomination form

You can nominate any blog in any category (none is compulsory ) . You will find the categories in the form . (New Blogs are those created in 2017 )

After the period of nomination is up , I’ll go through it and the nominated list will be narrowed down . ( June 30th to July 10th ) . All those who were nominated will be posted on July 1st , and will receive recognition even though they didn’t make it to the final list .

Voting  : From July 10th to August 30th 

The final list from each category will be put together and the voting form will be uploaded as a post on  July 10th . After the voting is over , the winners of each category will be announced !

                     (These Awards are Annual and will be held each year )

It needs help 

B&R Awards is starting out this year . It needs to be pushed . Please Re-blog this , tweet about this and post it on all other social media . Make sure everyone is aware of it ! Please post a nomination post and link it back to this post if could make your time for it . Book Bloggers need motivation . I hope you will make it work !

Thanks to anyone who helps promote the Awards and participates by nominating .

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