Review : Those seven days

Published date : January 1st 2017

Published by Petals Publishers

The summary :

Some friends are special, because their stories are special. Stories that are innocent, beautiful, colourful and different in their own way.

This is one such story of friendship and its journey to love.
A Journey in which they were not together.

A typical middle class lad, and a mealy-mouthed mummy-papa boy, Vishwas never imagined that in just seven days life will twist his roads and leave him at place he had never dreamt of.
A typical middle class girl, a go-getter, and indefatigably correct when it’s between the two, Shailja always believed that one day her life will be at crossroads.

Wreathed in smiles, with his bag of dreams, aspirations and youthful reveries, Vishwas sets off on his dream journey from his small world in the tranquil foothills of the Himalayas. But soon the small town boy’s dreams and fantasies are hijacked by the pace and character of the big city he lands in. The roller coaster called life derails from the path he chooses and goes amok refusing to stop, until he discovers a truth he hadn’t imagined.

What happened in those seven days that changed his life forever?
Will he accept what the destiny unfolds? Will he fight? Will he run?

Or fate has something else in store for him?

My thoughts : 

The book is about Vishu , a guy who didn’t appreciate what he had, coming to see the value of someone special .

Some friends are special, because their stories are special. Stories that are innocent, beautiful, colourful and different in their own way.

His best friend had always been there , why didn’t he see what she meant to him before ? Vishu’s life turns upside down in but 7 days . Never had he imagined his life would take down the road it just did .

The book describes well how our’s life might turn out different than we expect in a short time and how we won’t be in control of what happens. But that isn’t the theme of the book . The theme is : Do not judge people by their looks . Or the Beauty and the Beast moral to put it simply .

What I loved about the book was the fact that it isn’t like the typical romances . Almost all romances I read have the same pattern : A beautiful h , A jerk-ish H , a dirty deed , grovel and HEA . (I’ll admit those are my guilty pleasures and the pattern works well if the success of the books are any proof ) . And the story has a deeper meaning behind it , which is absent in almost all books ever written . The moral in the book is probably what makes me hold the book up and say “It’s amazing . Read it now ! ”

But I’ll also tell you where the book let me down so you can judge if you want to read the book . The book wasn’t attention catching and I usually love books that capture me good . This book is putdownable . I found my attention drifting off each time I opened this book . The characters were also not well rounded . I read a few other reviews and they left me wondering why I was the only one to think the characters were lacking . Frankly , the characters felt one-dimensional to me and not the three-dimensional , well rounded ones I usually enjoy . The book also didn’t touch me deeply as I would like . And emotions play a very important role in any book’s lovability . The last , but one I didn’t mind as much the above , problem was the editorial errors . The editor ,whoever he/she was , screwed up so well no one can ever replace them .

Finally , I can’t bring myself to think of it as a romance . Romances to me mean those books that play with your emotions and this book didn’t do that . That isn’t much to say about since a lot of other books on the genre fail to evoke emotions too .

The book might catch the attention of Bollywood . Yes , this is one of the typical plots the Bollywood might decide to take on .

I recommend this to the fans of Chetan Bhagat ( they won’t mind the characters’ one-dimensional features ) . If you are a fan of romances like that of Judith McNaught‘s , then this isn’t for you ( this book doesn’t have the angst you like )

I received a review copy of this book in return for a honest review

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