8 reasons why review copies aren’t “cool”

Let’s just face it . Review copies aren’t as great as it’s usually thought of . I don’t think I’m the only one who thinks review copies are irritating at times , am I ? Why is it never brought up though ? I’ll accept that review copies at times are amazing , but offering reviews are sometimes not good , too .


1 . I miss my favourite authors . 

Don’t beat me now . I know I put the review offer up to get to know new authors and that’s true. But I feel bad giving a ‘no’ to requests and end up with a mountain of books . Result ? I don’t have enough time to buy and read authors that I really really love . If you’ve been around , you’ll know I’m CRAZY about Sarah J Maas’s books and one of her books , A court of war and ruins , is coming out this May 2nd and I’m not even sure I’ll be able to read it because I have to read the review copies .

2. Authors who don’t appreciate criticism 

They’re like bugs . Many authors believe that bloggers “should” provide positive reviews . I get it , trashing and insulting the author and their hard work is wrong , but posting a positive review when you didn’t like the book would mean you’re lying to your reader .

3. The damn review policy 

Okay , this is probably why I think I’m hating review requests .  Some authors completely ignore the fact that you have a review policy up . Most of the authors who are asking for reviews from me visit the review policy to get the email id to make the request and not actually see what I’m expecting . I just swore to myself I’m deleting these requests ruthlessly from now on .

4. They think you’ve got nothing to do 

We all have a life and most of them like to think our life is easy : Read books , review it , sleep and wake up and the same goes again . Many of us have a 9-5 crappy job  . Many of us are students , too . Replying to each and every request is not easy business . I recently stopped replying to requests I’m not interested in because I just can’t . ( It might also have to do with the fact that I’m awkward at saying ‘no’ )

5. Lack of manners

Believe it or not , a lot of authors lack manners . There is difference between making a request and calling something a request . I sometimes get “Requests ”  ORDERING me to read the book . Why the hell would I do that ?

6. They’re not very nice 

This isn’t the same as lacking manners…this is more like the relationship between you and the author itself . How many requests have you received that had a word or two about your blog itself ? I have received only 3 . The others probably have no idea what I do in my blog and got my email off a blog directory . I started my blog because I wanted to connect to both readers and authors . But where is relationship building in these requests ?

7. They just want the review 

I haven’t got a single request from anyone who actually interacted with me anyway before making the request . I get the fact that they’re busy and all , but building relationship is something !

8. Too demanding

        Post it on a specific date , post it here , post it there , keep tweeting about it , cross post it on all your social media , copy paste on amazon….urgh , the list goes .

If they’re too demanding  , just don’t accept it , right ? But this is complicated since the demands come in once you have actually accepted and have posted the review on the blog .

Huff . I’m sure there are thousand other reasons to why we probably shouldn’t accept review copies , but I just can’t think anymore without working myself up .And though some authors get on my nerve , I do love receiving from people who are actually great . Have you ever gone through any of this ?


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