Things authors should know and remember

Ever heard from the people that want to be spoon-fed ? Urgh , so tired of how they think they need to get a list of all things to ‘be the perfect author ‘ . Seriously ? But wait , what the heck is ‘being a perfect author ‘ , anyway ? Are you joking ?

Okay , let’s get down to discussing and put away the rants for a while .

Respect : 

My dear author , ever heard of “Respect what you do ” ? Damn right , that’s the first thing to being an author . Are you one of those authors who think storytelling is horrible ? Then why did you even choose that as your career ? Believe me or not , everyone who respect what they do is already a success because they’re doing something with a passion. 

Your books mean something to the readers , don’t forget to keep these books close to your heart as well and treat them with respect .  Stories have the power to make people feel . Don’t let writing become a something you consider ‘useless’

Competition : 

Internet is full of authors , no joke . This means you have a community to fall back in whenever you want . Bad thing is the competition is thick as an idiot’s head . Ok , that was a bad joke , but anyway , the competition is going to give you a hard time . But I guess having a community is worth the comp. because most of these authors are amazing ! And ofcourse , they might throw in their two cents in the wild .

 Talent :  

Do you know just how many have the talent to cook up stories better than yours and a thousand other authors ? Too many of them . You and the other authors are actually in the competition when  these talented others aren’t ? Because you have patience and skill and the ability to throw into paper whatever you think . The people who are too talented often don’t get the chance , time , etc to write . Which means you have to appreciate the fact that you’ve got the chance to write . And ofcourse , talent dies out without practice . You must not forget to keep learning , writing and improving your style .

The Basement : 

This is where a lot of authors go wrong . Can a building be built without a basement ? Nah ? Then why do you want a skyscraper without one ? Learn your basics ! You gotta learn what a human body is before becoming a doctor . Or nurse . Or a human , for that matter .  The basic part of writing is learning the freaking language !  Writing isn’t just throwing words together , but if you can’t do that right , then you can only imagine where you’re going .

Lady luck : 

Or gentleman luck . Luck is embedded into writing so deep deep deep deep …and some , that you’re almost nothing without it . But luck isn’t going to fall into arms and tell you to take her/him home . You need to be waiting for luck to arrive . Yep , they LOVE to be waited upon . You’re not getting to eat out without actually walking out of your house .


There’s literally no writer who became famous and stuff overnight . Or maybe they did , but that’s definitely not how it works . Every successful has to go through the anxiety , insecurity and all the other not so good feelings you have right now . They withstood these emotions . It’s a slow, dead bore , process . You’ll change as you wait . Are these successful authors insecure as they once were ? No .

Shut up 

Stop complaining ! You’re the only person responsible for whatever you do . Don’t blame your publisher , the desk you write on , the wife who didn’t bring you coffee to ‘refresh your mind ‘ . You’re the one that has to type away on the keyboard (some do it until the keys breakaway ) . Yeah , honey , the next time you feel like complaining , turn to a mirror .


Really , find a good editor. Is it that hard ? One thing is , read through your own book after the editing and fire the editor is he’s no good . This is the hard part . A lot of editors are sort of just there , with no work . I’ve read a lot of works which only lacked at the editing part and when I asked the author , they said there was a editor . What was his job ? To stare at the book and then return it unedited ? That said , be careful about whom you hire for editing . Editing is not a automatic proof-read .

Edited books are good .  The unedited version is a draft , and why would you want to present a draft ?   Take in criticism and improve .


For heaven’s sake , write to be understood ! Clarity is ‘needed’ . What good would it do for you if you write something and the reader understands it in a different way ?

Be yourself 

Had to tell this because I recently stumbled upon someone who wants to ‘write like Stephen ‘ . Um , what ? Like you’re not Stephen or George or whoever your idol is , you’re ‘whatever your name is ‘ . Besides , what would the world do with two Stephens ? Just think . You’ve got your own style , a something others don’t have , and that’s your strong hold .

Read more

You already know that . Unfortunately , you can never improve without reading and learning from the book you read .

Nobody is right  

Or wrong . There’s only advice that works and those that don’t . And all authors are in the wild , trying to make their books a success . So , nobody knows how to be the ‘perfect author ‘ . They’re all stumbling . You’re going to do a lot of stumbling on your own to find your own path to success .

It’s alright to not know what to do . Trust me , everyone start not knowing anything . Don’t worry , you’ll learn everything you need to know along the way . Don’t rush .


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