Book marketing : Part-2

So if self-promoting is only irritating the readers , how do I even promote my book ?

You know the answer already ; Do whatever you’re doing the right way .

Social media : 

Social media is a blessing for modern-day authors . But unfortunately , a lot of authors don’t even know how to use social media the right way .

  1. Don’t post the same thing over and over . 

We’ve discussed that , right ? Seeing the same thing time and again doesn’t improve our interest in your book .

2. Don’t keep promoting your book on social media 24/7 

Tweeting about your book once or twice a day will do you good , not doing it 5 times per hour !

 Find something your readers would be interested in . 

Like contests . Giveaways for books are going on forever , but what makes yours worth entering ??   Your blog is up , as are thousand others , what makes yours worth following ? ?

If you’re a YA author , you can create a quiz(s) , that tells the reader what character they can relate to . If you’re a romance author , you can create a game of guessing the love interests ( If the sequel is coming out and the love interests on the book are already introduced on the last book ) .

Think . Get creative . If you’re an author without an ounce of creativity , you might as well conclude your book isn’t creative either .

Newsletter building : 

Okay , so newsletters might be useful . But I won’t say they’re the best marketing media out there .

So what is the content of your newsletters ? Why would your readers think they’re interesting ?? I mean , they’re probably signed up to a lot of newsletters , why should they think yours will be worth a read ? Because you’re a writing god ?!

Newsletter content : Write only exclusive things on the newsletters .

You’re going to run a giveaway ? Send the information to your subscribers to inform them first . Your book is free for a day ? Tell that to your readers beforehand . Your new book is coming out ? Share the good news !

If you do none of the above , then why the hell do you think your readers would be interested in your newsletter ?

Make friends : 

We’ve been there . Make friends with your readers . Make friends with other authors out there . DON’T expect them to keep promoting your book , though . They won’t ( they’ve got a life ! ) .

One great thing about being friends with other authors is co-working on promoting . (Emphasis on co-working ) . Another great thing is ,these friends will tell you to stop if you’re promoting the wrong way . And ofcourse they’ll help you improve yourself as an author .

Author blog :

Stop with making your blog about yourself and your books . You will run out of content eventually , then what ?  You’ll abandon your blog until you think of a new content  ?

Make your blog about BOOKS  not about YOURS . You see the difference , don’t you ? A blog promoting books would find attention that promoting yours alone won’t .

How would a blog help marketing if the blog isn’t about your book ? Well , you get attention in your blog and you’ve got a few posts about your own books , which will get attention too !

Promote your friends’ books : 

If a friend promotes your book , return the favour and don’t be a dumb barbarian with no manners !  Your friends aren’t working for you , they’re promoting your book because they’re your friend . You have to pay back the gesture by promoting your friend’s book .

The book marketing game is not a race

-Novel publicity

Book marketing is nothing but creating a relationship with your potential readers . Build this relationship in a joyful way ; don’t do it because it has to be done .


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