How to win a giveaway on goodreads

I have never won anywhere expect on GR . You really believed GR’s giveaway winners were random picks ? Lol , I did , too . I’ve been entering the GR giveaways since very recently and I’ve won , while many members have been trying for years to win ( I know , I’ve seen people go on and on about it on GR ) . Why is that ? Do I have a lucky charm ? Nope .

Here are what you can do to be on the right-side of GR giveaways ,

– Enter only for what you think you might actually like  : 

Did you think GR wouldn’t go through your shelves to check on if you actually want something ?

—-  Again , Have a considerable number of books and reviews on your profile :

GR looks for people it thinks will review a book . When I first entered a giveaway , my book shelf and reviews were already okay .

—- Look for giveaways by hosts in your country : 

GR is a very author friendly place , though some authors like to think otherwise . I noticed that I have never won giveaways that are listed as international (when the host is from a different country ) . One might think it’s because the number of people entering is high , and it might be so , but I do believe GR is working behind this to cut the shipping costs for the authors . ( It might not be true )

—- Review what you win : 

Though GR seems to proclaim ‘no strings attached ‘ , they actually want you to review . I didn’t review one book I won and guess what ? I haven’t won since I got a reminder telling me to review . This is sad since I never really received the book

5 thoughts on “How to win a giveaway on goodreads

    1. I hope you win ❤ And yep , I told them I didn't receive it . Claire -a GR staff – replied me . She told me she'd try to get in touch with the host but I doubt she was successful 🙂

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