Book Marketing

Let’s talk about marketing , shall we ?

Stop focusing on self-promoting !

         Reason 1 :  Social media doesn’t sell your books .

If all followers of all authors bought the author’s books , almost all authors’ book would be a hit . THINK ABOUT IT . Your followers are probably not following you to buy your books as much as they’re there for knowing you !

Reason 2 : Not all your followers see the book you’re promoting .

You do realize that each post you make on your author page doesn’t really reach all your fans right ? Your page followers might 1000 or 10000 , but it is only going to reach 1% or 2 % of them . If you want to increase it to 30% , you’re going to have to pay 20$ to FB .  But will these 30% people really buy your books ? That’s a doubt . The same goes for twitter .

Reason 3 : Covers might or might not draw readers .

UGH . Ever seen an author throwing beautiful pics of their books for like 50 times a day ? I get like , ” Okay okay , your book cover is very pretty , but what else ?? ” .

While there are people who judge the book by cover and would jump on a book because the cover is pretty , there are readers who just don’t ! Sometimes the cover magic works , but it’s got its limits . And I definite as hell don’t think posting the same book image 50 times a day will make me buy it . NOPE , I think I would rather end up un-following you !

Reason 4 : You’re one among thousands .

You probably would have been a success , self-promoting in like 2000 or even 2007 . But wake up ! Every author is on the race . They’re all trying to win the hearts (or whatever) of the readers , and it means you’re just one of those the reader follows . Doesn’t mean a thing if you’re not a new-read to the reader . But if the reader is going to read yours for the first time , then your self-promoting won’t work on them , most of the time .

Reason 5 : Newsletters are a nuance

I should know how newsletters won’t work  . I’ve signed up for like 200 author newsletters right now . Think I’m reading every one of them ? I read a few that are on the top , then if the email list is long , I’ll just end up deleting the rest un-opened . And sometime later , if I can’t tolerate the number of emails that pop up on my email , I’ll just unsubscribe a lot of authors as a bulk (leaving only the familiar names ) .

You might not believe me , but that’s probably what a lot of readers do too . So newsletters don’t work .

So what am I trying to say ??

Self-promoting is like throwing a book at the readers face and telling them read it .

Readers don’t buy a book because the AUTHOR is telling them that book is cool . You know why we read books ? Because a book is alluring ! Because the premise is alluring !

When the book’s premise is so promising , we read the book !

When we talk to a author and they’re all great to us , we think the book would be as great as them !

When we see our friends go on and on about how great the book was , we read it !

If you’re a reader , don’t you think that’s how you’ll find a book , too ??

Do you think we’d care about a book when you treat us like one of your many fans ? Because that’s exactly how a lot of authors behave . *Not that they’re bad * . We don’t want to be the ones you’re pushing your book into , we want to feel like reading yours by our very own decision . 

Yelling in the social media isn’t going to get you readers ! Make friends , these friends will turn into readers . And don’t make friends because you want readers . And oh , don’t make friends with other authors just so you can use them to promote your book ( Sorry , but this a sad reality )

So , stop shouting in a crowd about your book when nobody is listening and make yourself useful .

Another thing , kindly remove yourself from review places . REVIEWS ARE GOING TO BE GOOD AND BAD . Honestly , what were you thinking ? That all the reviews would be praising you and your book ? Joke on you . Even best-selling books get bad reviews . If you have problems with seeing bad reviews , remove yourself from where the reviews are being made .


Never ever harass a reader for a review they provided . Sorry if it’s offending , but one of my GR friends was harassed by an author because she told what she felt about his book and that is just not cool . Reviews are supposed to be honest . If you don’t like it , it won’t matter . If you do harass a reviewer , you’re probably going to lose A LOT of readers . Guess what this friend of mine did ? She edited her review to add ‘was harassed by the author ‘ . And she sent every one of us a PM with screenshots of the conversation b/w her and the author , and the book went to our ‘avoid-reading’ list .

Lesson : Nobody wants to read what a bully writes .

All the marketing takes a lot of time -and it’s hell . As writers , write . The best formula for a success book from a author is , A good book +Hardwork+dedication+ A strong mind +luck + Ability to move on from a failure

You can’t control how all ingredients work , but you can try to work with what you’ve got !



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