Where to find reviewers ? Where do ordinary readers find books ? – Answered for you

I get a lot of questions from authors and I decided to put it all here in this post . Suggestions are always welcome

1 . Where do readers find new books ?

This is the primary question of any author , and I hear this questions a lot of time , so here the answer is .

Many authors think the only place we readers find books is amazon . I agree some readers do find books in amazon , but <i>majority </i> readers lean towards Goodreads . Goodreads listopia has really made it easy to find books  .

This doesn’t mean people only find books in GR ; Here’s a list of major places where people find books ,


* Amazon

* Book blogs

* Wattpad and other social media .

Others :

* Booktubes

* Audio book spots ( Like HOOPLA )

* Group reads .

* Friends/family recommendation

That’s pretty much all I managed to collect from a <i>large</i> group of readers (6000 something ) .

Why am I listing all this ? Because you need to stop targeting amazon . Almost all authors are so keen on amazon they forget the other spots . Amazon is good , just don’t forget there are other places  . 

2 . What do readers like to read about ? 

This is the second question I get asked . So you wanna know what we love to read ?  You have decided a genre , a plot…but you’re unsure if your book would be loved ? Then sit down and think on the plot and the characters .

Readers love to read about things they can relate to . Example : Books about books . These books are almost always welcomed by readers , because they can relate .

This , however , doesn’t imply that you should write books readers can relate with . Example : HR readers love to read about Vikings ( Most of them , myself included ) . We can’t relate ourselves to the characters or what’s going on at all . But that’s a fantasy that we would like to happen to us .

One more important thing , don’t write crazy things . Or should I say , psychotic things ? Example : A hero who kills (with no reason)  , tortures , etc . You might think it would be forgiven , as the story comes to the redemption part , but readers will think the hero doesn’t deserve redemption  .

Don’t make the book with only prose in mind . Ever read , The star touched queen ? A lot of readers thought the book’s only let down was the prose . Remember ,

Prose is architecture, not interior decoration. – Ernest Hemingway

If we’re being honest , I don’t think there’s a specific thing that all readers would love to read . If you’re good at what you do , yours will be loved .

 3 . How do I get more reviews / reviewers ? 

You want reviews for your book that’s just made it’s come out ? Where would you find reviewers ??

First decide the sort of reviewer you need . Do you need a blogger to review your book ? Do you need a reviewer from Goodreads ? Amazon ?

If you’re an Indie author , you can find book bloggers willing to review your books on IndieView .

Even if you’re not an Indie author , some of the blogs on Indieview will accept your book , too . Or you can check out Kate’s book blogger list . These bloggers are open to review your books .

For reviewers on Goodreads and Amazon , you’ll have to search around by yourself .

But wherever you’re searching for reviewers , while requesting reviews be polite and formal  . This is seriously underrated . Most of the requests I receive are turned down just because of the way they’re presented .

There are three rules for writing a novel. Unfortunately, no one knows what they are. W. Somerset Maugham

This quote is really true . An author will have to stumble around on his own until he finds his niche . If writing had specific rules , everyone would an author .

One important thing that can be said , and is true is , authors need to read . If you’re not ready to read , you’re not ready to get better at writing .

Finally ,

  Don’t take anyone’s writing advice too seriously. – Lev Grossman

Do what you do and you’ll be fine !

( If you have any other questions regarding how/where/what or the sort about readers , I will be more than happy to help you ! )




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