How to get free books

I consider myself on the okay-side to give you tips on this because I’ve got quite a bit of free books myself . Like who doesn’t love free ? I sure do . This is partly because buying books gets expensive ( If you read a lot ) . I’m not an expert , though , and all other suggestions offered are really great !

Review copies : 

The first thought that comes to mind when thinking of free books is review copies . There have been a lot of bloggers who have added a lot of thoughts as to how to receive them . The most popular of these ideas is to actually get yourself a new blog and work on it until you’ve made the blog look consistent and get some great readers and followers , right ? Not .

You know how long my blog’s been up ? Certainly not 6 months . The bloggers always remember to say this , “blog for atleast 6 months before asking for review copies ” . Very true . But do you really have to wait that long ? If you’ve been looking through my reviews , you’ll see that all books I’ve reviewed here in the blog are actually review copies (or gifted ones , won stuff , etc ) . And I’ve still got a few other books sitting smugly in my shelf , due to be read .

Does that mean I’m an exception ? No . You can receive these copies too ! You don’t have to be a blogger , really . Are you an avid reader ? Active on any social media with a considerable number of followers ?

ANYWAY , here’s what you should know : 

* Don’t look up places like Netgalley . They’re meant only for bloggers

* Shelf awareness has a program up . You don’t have to be a blogger at all to join this !

Join Shelf Awareness

The thing about them is , they don’t really come out and say the book is a review copy . So when they send out issues , be sure to look twice at the pictures on the newsletters usually , that’s where they’re hiding . ( Don’t forget to review after you read)

* Be active on Goodreads . I got a good number of review copies through GR . Authors will contact you to get you to review theirs .

(Follow decent accounts to understand what they’re actually doing . Decent doesn’t really mean popular . In popular accounts , most of the time , you never understand what they did to get popular . Been there , done that , doesn’t work )

Warning : 

— The other bloggers are right . Don’t ask for review copies without actually showing proof to them that you can be trusted . If you check My GR account , you’ll see I already have a decent number of reviews up  .

— Don’t go about requesting review copies from everyone , you won’t be able to read them all .

Giveaways : 

Hmm..some of mine comes from these . Do I enter every giveaway I find like crazy ? Probably . Do I win any of them ? Hell , nah . Wanna hear a secret ? I enter blog giveaways only to find new authors and for the hype of I-might-win .

Advice : 

If you are looking for giveaways to actually win stuff and not just the hype of it , you might not want to enter blog giveaways . Who the hell wants to follow a blog , follow a hell lot of authors , and share it all over the internet if you can’t really win ?

For you guys , there are actually places filtering real reviewers and only letting them win . I know you’re thinking giveaways are supposed to be random , but hello , reviews are authors’ lifeblood , literally . No book you receive is actually free . You should throw a review . I , for my part , feel obliged to review .

For me Goodreads is the best spot for that . You can find How to win a giveaway on goodreads here .

But there are other spots like Library thing . But Library thing doesn’t seem to offer a lot of International giveaways (not for print books ) , so I’d say GR is better for international giveaways .


My cadre : 

What’s my cadre got to do with this ? Right ?

Hmm..my cadre receives ‘free books’ , remember ? How , though ?  The review copies I receive ( a lot ) will go to these  special readers .

I don’t offer this to all readers since I can’t trust all of them to provide a review . You saw the thing about my special people  on the Home page , right ? 😉

For Bloggers : 

I wonder if any of you has directly asked for review copy from a publisher . I’ll admit the word ‘publisher ‘ seems so stern , I’m afraid to contact them . Any one of you ever had guts ? I don’t . I’m not sure I’ll be okay asking them when my blog gets years old .

If you’re a new blogger , please write a review policy . Even as a new blogger , you’ll get a lot of review requests . Review policy makes it easier to turn the offers down (believe me, a lot of authors won’t follow the instructions on the review policy ) .

Briana’s guide  . Briana has thrown in all things you might find useful 🙂



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