Review : Beyond the milky way

I received a review copy of the book in return for a honest review , Courtesy to Aithal .

A space mission aiming to find a new planet that is life friendly is where it all starts . Nasa hopes to find a planet with drinking water availability since our own planet is drying up . The crew is a 4 member team with only one female who specializes with plant life . The question is , what is it that awaits them in the space ? Would they really find what they’re looking for ?

The characters were outright flat . They weren’t well rounded . The female , for her part , irked me so much . It felt as though she was spineless , never ready to step up when a trouble comes their way , letting the males take lead . I’m sorry I felt this way , but I love females who aren’t quaking in their shoes at the sight of trouble ( Like Aelin Galathynius ? ) . I also felt that the book was too descriptive . There’s nothing wrong with that but I’m a person who would prefer the story itself rather than pages of repetition of what’s going on . For example , in the first few pages ( before the launch happens ) , the pages are filled with how hot it is .

It was a typical Florida day at Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral: hot and muggy. Although it was only ten o’clock in the morning, people were already sweating. Many folks held umbrellas to protect themselves from the scorching sun. Others were wearing various kinds of hats and caps, and their shirts and tees were wet with sweat. Their armpits—and wherever else their garments touched the skin—were showing dark patches of sweat. Almost everyone was wearing shorts. They didn’t care whether they suited them or not; they just wanted to be comfortable. The combination of sunscreen and sweat made their skins glisten, and sunglasses covered their eyes.

This para makes one understand that there’s a crowd and also that the place is scorching hot , right ? But the book goes on and on about it . Like , I get it , it’s so hot , what next ?? This is a very unpopular opinion , so I guess it’s just me .

Each chapter starts off with a poem and that’s nice . And oh , there are sweet pictures near each chapter title .

So basically , the book is probably good , from all the nice reviews it’s got , but it just wasn’t for me . If you’re looking for a book that doesn’t describe so much or If you’re looking for a ‘thrilling , ever sensational adventure sci-fi ‘ , then this probably isn’t for you . But I go with , to each their own

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