Interview with Akash

Welcome all.

We’ve got Akash Lakhotia , author of World Hypnotized here ! 

Hi Akash , thank you for agreeing to this interview. Tell us a little about yourself and your background?

Well, I am not a normal 26 years old guy you meet. I am a very skilled face reader, I can tell you your dreams and the things which motivates you to wake up every day. For example , Harini has this dream that she one day will own a studio apartment in a city in Europe , preferably Paris. This , I know only by chatting with her because I haven’t met her yet . There are a few more special skills I have learned which makes me quite different from a normal guy.

Now about my background, well… I come from a middle class Marwari family . Our family is business oriented family and no one in my family has ever become an author, and to tell you the truth , no one reads even a newspaper , in my family.

What were you like at school ?

School …well, I have always been the popular kid at school . Not because I was good at studies or something , it’s just that as a kid I was very cute.

Lol . Sure , not gonna comment on that . So , What are your ambitions for your writing career ?

My writing career…I think it’s too early  to say anything about it . But one thing’s for sure, none of my books would like any other author’s .  That is ,  I don’t like following  someone’s footstep and so , my work  will never be inspired from anyone.

 That’s a great thing to hear ! Can you give us an insight into your main character ? Why is he special ?

The protagonist (of “World Hypnotized Making Of The Fuhrer”  )has a special connection to me . He suffers from the same ailment as I do. On a general basis ,  I feel  most people give a lot of importance to money and that our world is becoming a difficult place to live in and the protagonist feels that , too . He wants to change the world , But , like any other person , he is not flawless . He is a hypocrite . He wants to change the world , but does not want to  change himself . He is just a normal person-one with an abnormal past .

What are you working on at the moment ?

Currently , I am focusing on the marketing of my book .
What is the genre of your books and what drew you to this particular genre ?
It’s very difficult to define a specific genre for my book .  My book has the aspects of different genres – it starts as a biography since the pain the protagonist goes through at the start is something I have been through, and then I adding the voices and the software which comes under the genre of Sci-Fiction, then there are a few dark parts and then the book is written in a way which makes in psychological thriller. So the conclusion for the genre of the book is psychological dark sci-fi fictional thriller.

When did you decide to become a writer ?

To be honest ,  I never thought of becoming a writer . But then one day , suddenly , I realized that the  knowledge I have, if not shared , would just go wasted, and so I started writing. Also a writer has the power to play with the minds of its reader, it’s like having a super power.

What’s the hardest thing about writing ?

For me the hardest thing about writing would be, the grammar and the spellings. I suck at both.
How long , on average , does it take you to write a book ?

“World Hypnotized” took me 5 months to write . But I don’t think that would be a right estimation since I was travelling  while writing it .

What do you think about the usage of social media for marketing ?

Social media is a great tool for marketing, but you need guidance if you are new to it.

What’s your favorite motivational phrase and why ?

“If you ever feel down and want to give up, remember your family.”  . That’s my own and it motivates me the best , though there are a lot of good motivational phrases out there .

If you meet your younger self , what advice would you give them ?

I would just tell him, “The pain is worth it, the change is worth it. Don’t give up.”

Your book addresses social problems . Do you hope to make these social problems apparent through your book ? to make a difference ?

I should hope so .

How much time do you spend researching before starting to write a book ?

I cannot tell you of the time , as research can take 10 mins to 10 days. So everything depends on what I have to research about. It’s just that I have to be sure of what I am writing and  that I don’t leave any loop holes in the plot .

 When can we expect the next book of your first series ?

The book’s content is ready , on my mind . The book would answer a lot of questions a reader might have after reading the first book .

 Have you settled for the titles ? If so , what are they ?

Yes, I have. The first book is “World Hypnotized : Making Of The Fuhrer.” The second book would be “World hypnotized : Following Of The Fuhrer.” And the third would be “World Hypnotized : Legacy Of The Fuhrer.” The names might change but currently , I will sure about this titles .

 Are the covers of the next books going to be different ? If they’re going to be different , do the covers speak of the book’s content , somehow ?

Yes, they are going to be different. And yes , they speak of the contents on the book. For example ,  the first book in the series “World Hypnotized” has a cover with the face of a person because the book revolves around the protagonist and how he became what he is. Also his eyes , in the cover ,   represents the voices he hears.

 Can you tell us a little about what is going to on the next book ?

As I said , questions raised by the first book will be answered by the second one . There are going to some twists in the plot . Also , some characters will answer for their crimes .

 Will you write another series anytime soon ? If so , what genre will they belong to ?

Yes, actually I already have a story in mind. The genre will be Dark mystic thriller, but I will  start working on it only after finishing the current series.

Thanks , Akash ! 


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