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Review : World hypnotized

Published date : March 22nd 2017
Published by Notion Press, Inc.
The Back cover blurb : 
The protagonist suffers from chronic pancreatitis and has spent months at the hospital.
So-called friends and girlfriends drift away in his time of need. The only ones by his side are his family, giving him strength to fight the pain.
Soon things become even worse. He is rushed into an emergency surgery following an episode of internal bleeding.
He wakes up to the sound of voices. The first thing the voices tell him is, -No one comes back from death empty-handed. We are going to stay with you, either to guide you or to torture you. We will play with your head and thoughts as we feel fit.-
What do these voices want from him?
Will they help him or turn against him?


The summary : 

A man who has always been treated unfairly -by life itself and the people around him . He has gone through a lot of pain , mentally and physically and is still unwilling to give up on his life . He suffers from chronic pancreatitis and has spent months at the hospital. But the hospitals are cheating and so , it seems , every one around him are . His friends slowly disappear and his girl also throws in his face his inability to shower money and expensive gifts on her .

He is seeking revenge now . He won’t let anyone who hurt him and his family off the hook , and there is now a large list of those people . But striking one person in that list -the person against whom he wants revenge very badly -seems nearly impossible . How can one ever speak against someone so powerful ? Someone who holds a esteemed position in the nation ?

The voices in his head tell him what he should do to attain success in his life , to fulfill his purpose . These voices have been there since when he came back to life after a near death experience , for ,

No one nears death and comes back empty handed ” 

But can he believe them ? He doesn’t have a choice expect to do so . These voices are so powerful they can even take over his body without his permission . Will they help him get even with all those people who played in his life ? Or will they let him down ? You’ll find out as you read .

My thoughts : 

*  The protagonist looked like a hypocrite . He did a lot of crazy stuff himself and wanted to be forgiven , but isn’t ready to forgive others . But that can be excused , I guess , because most of those people he holds a grudge against have bad intent and don’t really change .

Some scenes seemed so unrealistic , or more like , not something I can see happening in real life .

* Some spots could use polishing and refining .

Unique :

* Is outright . Doesn’t sweeten the facts it throws in our faces like the other books

* We’re all manipulated by powerful people (indirectly ) from our birth to do things we actually don’t want to do and the author brings that to our notice .

* The most important , he brings down the veil of some well know people . One person is very obvious to the readers (Italian stripper , strikes something ? ) , but another , it seems we’ll have to wait to be revealed in the next book of the series .

* The characters are nameless ( Unique , right ? And no , not the ‘nameless ‘ ToG fans will think of lol )

I liked the book as a out-looker . The book definitely brings out a lot of facts I think is very important knowing . I think the book might also be called a sci-fi , in a way , because the protagonist creates a new software which works in a new , odd way ( that’s creepy . You’ll find out )

I received a review copy of the book in return for a honest review .