Annual support indie author program :


A group has brought together an event event featuring a lots of books-trust me , a lot of them …from a lot of authors . One of those authors is India R . Adams . Yes , Serenity’s author .

What’s this event about ?

Free books . Yes  , you got it right . Tons of free books .

What is required ?

Nothing  . Really . Just visit the page below on any day the event is live on  (match 31st to Apr 2nd ) and just get what you want .   That’s it and you’re ready to go !

Website to go live day of event:  Click here

Sign up to their newsletter if you want a reminder on the event .

Thunderclap if interested in helping :   Support here
This gives us readers books and gives authors chances . Grab your free copies 🙂
*Please share it , as many of our friends may not want to miss it 😉 *

3 thoughts on “Annual support indie author program :

    1. I know this is gonna be a great event ❤ All the best to you guys who're gonna get famous one day , no matter what ^_^


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