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Review : Unravelling

The Unravelling by Sarah Northwood :

The book was a bundle of papers with surprises full of it . I used to pride myself with being able to predict a lot of plots , but in the case of this book , I got most of them wrong . But I think that’s what makes a reader turn pages , unpredictability . The book sure offered a lot of twists and I was being twisted along lol . While the book wasn’t as unpredictable as certain others might be , this was just predictable enough to make me cocky and then let me down . As my first read into Miss Northwood’s , this book did enough to me to get me hooked up to the author’s other books .

The writing was rather slow , and I hated that about the book . Maybe that came out wrong , I love it when a lot of stuff keep happening in a moderate pace . Not speeding up like there’s not enough pages , No slowing down to keep dragging the story . But I suppose the pace did get better as the story moves . And one can’t really judge a story by its pacing . Enjoyability , yes ; but not the story written itself .
Miss Jennifer wants to bring Ryan out of the shell she always is in – that’s how the story starts . Starting with what appears to be an ordinary school based book , the book slowly turns into something that isn’t excepted . The characters slowly develop ; there , right in front of your eyes . This is one of those few books in which you see the character development outright . Slowly and slowly , the lives of the characters meet and the story also becomes more and more well-rounded .
The conversations between the characters , now that’s another thing . I love communication – and the book let me down there . I wanted the conversations to make more sense , be more realistic . Like what you would call an ordinary conversation you’d be having in real if it had been you in the characters shoes . I guess the major let down of the book was the conversation for me . But I’m stuck . Was that really a let down ? Really ? Because unreal as they may be to actually be spoken , I did like most of the dialogues . Like;

I want you to try and imagine what it’s like , to know someone you love is fallen , to know they will never return from the battle . What emotions does that knowledge make you feel ? Dig deep down into your belly , into your gut …..

See what I mean about unrealistic ? I can’t really say it’s a dialogue I’d rather not hear ; it’s just something I would ‘expect ‘ from what the character is . Like as a reading addict I can relate to that feeling when reading thing , but that’s not something the character would likely speak like in real life . I love to read about reading and the way I can relate doesn’t mean it had to be made so the speaking itself feels like there’s no flow . There were other instances like this too , but I think it was pretty much low.

So basically speaking , the book was good enough for me . If certain aspects had been removed or had been changed with the author’s style , the book would’ve been even better . But considering that , the betterment is what the books that let you down are for , no matter how simple the let downs are . I really look forward to the future books I’m sure Miss Northwood would offer , because everyone make mistakes and learn from them .

My criteria for judging a book :

Characters and development


Was it beating the bush ?

Did it make you get lost in it ?

Was the pace too slow or too fast ?

Judgement for this book :

The characters were well thought out and the development was definitely there .

The plotting was fair enough and I couldn’t really complain on it .

At times yeah . But definitely not enough to bother me .

Yes , it did . I would never rate that much a book that doesn’t pull me in .

Slow . It got on my nerves at times , but then it started getting better .

The book was definitely not a waste of time for me . And did I mention this is my first of her ? I would definitely check out her list . I don’t think you’d be wasting your money . But do let me know what you think . I would love listen someone talk about mutual books 🙂

The Book was provided as an ARC to me . Thanks to Sarah Northwood .

This book is not by any means influenced by the fact that I received an Arc . And I have found that Sarah is one of those few ( almost extinct ) authors that replies to any query you might have lol . I love sounding formal 😛 . But.. I did ruin my formal trial didn’t I ?

All the love ,

Olivia .


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