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Review :Serenity

Written with a consistent hand , India R. Adams brings to us the story of girl who was abused and had to deal with an unpleasant childhood . The writing was powerful and tells the reader in a raw voice , the pain and uncertainty of a girl who is none like the others around her . She was once loved , as a child , and now she is not so certain . Her parents are rude to her , they don’t care and the pain of being faced with rejection cuts through her and the words in the book capture her pain .

Serenity is not like the others around her ; she is different , she has always been and has known it . She has been alone for a long while . And she still is..until she finds a journal that speaks her own heart . She forms a bond with the one who wrote it by reading it . She feels every single word in the journal as if it were her own . And it felt like it was . Around the same time , she sees someone . A girl …and the light around her is so pure . A purity no one can compare to ..only babies come ‘close ‘ . And I was hooked up at that . But only , the story shifted and I was left confused as to where it was going .

Serenity and sky are soul-sisters . They share a bond like none other because they were together from their birth . They shared cribs , bottles , and all . They both had no parental love growing up and were each other’s pillars they lean on as they grew up . They both shared parental figures ,too -Josh and an other J (whose name I don’t remember ) . They both love each other and always turn to each other . But at first , I was confused of the conversations between Sky and serenity . Yeah , the DJ stuff and all . They meet two guys and it looks like all their lives are interlinked . Will we be told of what serenity’s dreams’ meaning ? will we find out her past ? That suspense kept it going .

The book is rather slow-paced and is not all ‘action packed ‘ but the story that goes with it so good . The story is as said painful and raw . I think it will work for a lot of people as it is . It got me , too . But I , unfortunately , also lean towards action paced stuff . Not that the book didn’t work for me , it did , but I still felt like the element that made actions interesting were missing . This , however isn’t to say the book would be the same for you .

I did love the spark between Derek and Serenity , and of course , this too leaned towards the fall-in-the-first-sight sort ( Not so much , but still ) . I did not like that part , but there was a chemistry between Derek and Serenity that cancelled it out . I don’t ship them , though . But then , I don’t ship many characters . ( Really . The only people I ship are Rowan and Aelin-ToG , Rhys and Feyre -ACOMAF and Barrons and rainbow girl -fever series , though my read list is long ) . Okay   , that was unwanted .

And I’d love to keep going on and on , but since I think it is not ‘required ‘ , I’ll just cut it all out .

The book is 509 pages long and you’ll know what I said about slow-paced but still interesting . So I think it’ll work for some , not for some , and it’s grey for people like me . If you do go for it , tell me what you felt reading the book down in the comment section .

PS :  And I almost forgot to tell you .  The author of Serenity is an Indie author , with the rare combination of ‘sweetness ‘ and availability . She replies and doesn’t mind talking to readers . She loves readers ❤

        I received a review copy in return for an honest review

All the love ,


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