Finding books and sharing love

  What’s it about ?

I’m just yet another book lover that’s here to share her love for books with you . Okay , so we all love books , right ?  We’ll share the love ! Tell me what you love in comment section below .

Here ‘s What I Love : I basically love YA , historical romances and fictions , suspense , thrillers , blah blah . That is , as long as anything is not ‘dead bore’ , I love them . Some of my favorite books are : Throne of glass series ,  A court of roses and thorns ( Yash…I love MAAS ) , Some books from the Highlander series and Fever series of Karen Marie Moning ( I know ! ) , and some lol .

I love a lot of books I lose track of them . Yep , I do keep track of what I read in the goodreads , but come on , no one can remember all the books they love . Here’s a cool thought , since it’s becoming too hard to find books that are actually good because of some fake reviewers , we’ll share the good books ? Nah , I’m not asking you to ‘share ‘ . Just tell me what you love , and if the list gets long enough , I’ll make a post on it for the sake of time consumption .

Speaking of good books , tell me your first ever book . Mine was Kingdom of Dreams of Judith Mcnaught

I’m posting this as a sort of introduction lol . So anyway , this is all going to be about reviews , making friends with other readers ( and maybe me ? ) through the book-ish bond we have , and I’ll give out occasional interviews with authors I think are great . Unfortunately , we all know ‘sweet’ and available is a rare combination in authors . And also , these interviews will probably be so ‘not so popular ‘ authors can get introduced . I’m sorry but popular authors are already established , and they don’t need establishing any more . New authors have amazing stories to offer , but most of the time , we’re just overlooking them . I’m not saying I won’t try to bring them in , but it’s hard and not ‘needed ‘ . Authors depend on us , the readers . Reviews are needed to keep them going , and that is why this is going to be mostly reviewing . And if you’re an author reading this , feel free to share your books . But no over-promotion without permission . It’s sad but many people just clog comment section with promotions . I will try to read the books that the authors (if any ) share and will post a ‘honest’ review on it . While we’re at it , readers are free to ask for their reviews to be posted ( credit will be yours ) . This is an author-reader friendly place . 🙂

All the love ,

Olivia .


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